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Review: Bookplate at the National Library of Australia

If you’re my age (mid-30s) or older, you probably remember the days when the food at tourist attractions and educational or national institutions wasn’t anything special. Sandwiches, pies, sausage rolls, pasties (and I’m not talking about the gourmet stuff you can get nowadays), etc., which you ate because you were there, that’s all there was, and […]

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Movie review: The Theory of Everything

In 1963, as a cosmology student at Cambridge, Stephen Hawking is making great strides and is determined to find a “simple, eloquent explanation” for the universe. His own world opens up when he falls in love with an arts major, fellow Cambridge student Jane Wilde. But, at 21 years of age, this healthy, active young […]

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Women at Work: Sandra Balzanelli

When Sandra Balzanelli was a fresh-faced marketing and communications student, the last thing she expected to be doing when she graduated was working amongst pork and T-bones. Her father’s high-end gourmet business, Balzanelli Smallgoods, had been evolving but at the time, Sandra wasn’t interested in the meat industry. “When I was 18 all I wanted […]

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The evolution of a cool capital

In the last year or so, we’ve enjoyed a renaissance in Canberra’s reputation as a place people want to be. Australians from around the country are less likely to roll their eyes on mention of the nation’s capital, and more likely to agree that Canberra’s new precincts are “cool”. So, is Canberra poised to become […]

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mother and sone

Review: Mother & Son

Writer Geoffrey Atherden has turned his classic Australian television series, Mother & Son, into a stage comedy. It’s the everyday lives of Maggie Beare, an elderly widower, and her 40-something-year-old son Arthur, who lives with her as her full-time carer. These timeless characters, played by Ruth Cracknell and Garry McDonald in the television series, are […]

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Dutch Divine: The answer to Canberra’s sweet tooth

It’s always interesting to talk to our local food producers about Canberra’s taste trends and our foodie culture. Local tastemaker, Rose Headley from Dutch Divine Canberra is a fortnightly regular at the Old Bus Depot Market, as well as sells her treats to cafes, and has developed some unique insights into the Canberra palate since […]

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Eat Well Wednesday: How do you like your BBQ?

There is pretty much nothing that I don’t like about BBQs. I like hot summer nights. I like the sounds of the sizzle. I like cold beverages. I like potato salad. I like putting as many different foods on my fork at the same time because the most random food combinations always taste the best. […]

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From one Samaritan to the next

If you’re a mother of two with one on the way, it’s easy to get lost in the chaos of parenthood. Juggling two children’s needs while being pregnant, maintaining a household and working can be overwhelming to say the least. Michelle was that mother of two and pregnant with her third, when in 2007 she […]

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Phoenix Players’ High Fidelity comes to town

The Canberra premiere of rock musical High Fidelity, presented by Phoenix Players, opens at ANU Arts Centre this week, and you could win the chance to dine at Teatro Vivaldi and enjoy tickets to the show! Read on for the details… Rock-musical High Fidelity follows the story of ‘thirty-something’ year old record store owner, Rob […]

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The F Word: The question of feminism

At the moment it seems that women, particularly women in positions of power and influence, are at pains to distance themselves from being labelled as feminist. Whether we should label people or not is a whole other conversation but I thought that this was an interesting development ripe for a hearty discussion. From young Hollywood […]

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