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Elizabeth Lee_credMartinOllman_feature

Future Generation: Elizabeth Lee

Touted by psephologist Malcolm Mackerras as the ACT’s next Liberal Chief Minister, Elizabeth Lee has entered the Legislative Assembly with high expectations. But the personable former lawyer is circumspect about her future, saying she just wants to get her head around the inner workings of ACT politics as the newly-minted member for Kurrajong. Putting her […]

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Gina Ciancio. Credit: Martin Ollman.

Future Generation: Gina Ciancio

It has only been just shy of three years since Gina Ciancio decided to follow her heart – looking beyond the Public Service and into the world of interior design. Building a new home and giving birth to Patrick along the way did not slow her down as she began her Style Curator blog and […]

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Hannah Wandel. Credit: MartinOllman

Future Generation: Hannah Wandel

Hannah Wandel understands Canberra’s unique role as the national capital, and how complex its corridors of power can be. And she wants to help more women from across the country to negotiate those convoluted passages. A social entrepreneur and gender equality advocate, Hannah founded Country to Canberra in 2014 at the age of 24, after […]

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Future Generation: Tara Boulding

Tara Boulding is part of the ground-breaking University of Canberra research team developing new treatments for breast cancer. Led and mentored by Professor Sudha Rao, herself a rising international hope in the fight against cancer, Tara devotes her waking hours to research focused on understanding proteins that promote breast cancer stem cells and the formation […]

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Charne Esterhuizen_credMartinOllman_feature

Future Generation: Charne Esterhuizen

Charne Esterhuizen wants to change the way we create and consume fashion. The 23-year-old CIT graduate is using 3D printing technology to “build” garments in a way that has never been done before. And now the rest of the world is watching. Emigrating from South Africa at the age of 16, Charne has always had […]

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Future Generation: Hayley Teasdale

Not much stops Hayley Teasdale. At just 25, she is a rising star in the science field, about to complete her PhD in Parkinson’s disease research where she is pioneering a type of noninvasive brain stimulation to help suffers regain their balance. She is teaching herself how to design, build and market a Buzz Balance […]

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Future Generation: Lexi Bannister

She’s known in the industry as “Queen of the Blondes” and had a hand in creating some of the New York Fashion Week’s runway hair for designers such as Sandy Liang and Ji Oh. Closer to home Lexi Bannister assisted Renya Xydis on the Toni Maticevski show at the last Mercedes Benz Fashion Week – […]

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Future Generation: Tara Cheyne

Few people can lay claim to embracing Canberra with as much gusto as Tara Cheyne. Having left her home state of Queensland in 2008 for the Commonwealth Attorney-General’s Department and later the Finance Department, Tara settled in Belconnen and promptly fell in love. She moved quickly to cement her links to the city, starting up […]

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Future Generation: Ellie Brush

As a sporting role model, Ellie Brush provides double the motivation and aspiration. Not only is she an Australian women’s soccer star, but she is one of a handful selected to play internationally in the National Women’s Soccer League in the US. And this year Ellie moved into representative Australian rules football in the AFL […]

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Future Generation: Bianca Elmir

Bianca “Bam Bam” Elmir is a boxer striving for a place in the 2018 Commonwealth Games. She has been ranked number three in the world as a bantamweight and has won three Australian titles and one Oceania title. A former political advisor for the ACT Greens, Bianca holds a degree in International Studies and Development […]

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