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Future Generation: Chelsea Lemon

When is a table a piece of art? When it is a meticulously hand-crafted plateau of geometric splices of wood that almost create an optical illusion. Chelsea Lemon’s ‘Granger Table’ is indicative of the artist’s style. Her award-winning furniture and woodwork often includes foliage and plant themes, mixed with the technique of parquetry. At just […]

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Future Generation: Ute Pikler

She’s only 28 but Ute Pikler has spent four of the last ten years in one of the toughest roles in the food industry – head chef. And now she has taken the leap into co-owning and running her own restaurant, the much-lauded Vincent in Barton. Earning her chef’s whites as an apprentice at the […]

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Future Generation: Alison Plevey

Why get bogged down in words when you can express yourself through movement? Alison Plevey is pushing the boundaries of modern dance, and in a most Canberra way, has founded the Australian Dance Party. A graduate of the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts with a first class honours degree in Arts and Dance, Alison […]

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Future Generation: Jessa Rogers

A young Indigenous girl from a low-income family falls pregnant in Year 12. An accomplished 32-year-old Associate Professor of Education and mother of two is announced an Australian National University’s 2017 Fulbright Scholar. Jessa Rogers’ story is nothing short of inspirational. The first in her family to complete high school, Jessa gave birth to her […]

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Future Generation: Tanya Hennessy

There is a little bit of all of us in Tanya Hennessy. Except few of us could aspire to her level of rolling-around-on-the-floor not-fit-for-work humour. A radio announcer by day – she presents breakfast for Hit 104.7 in Canberra during the week and 2DayFM in Sydney on a Saturday – Tanya grew up in Newcastle […]

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Future Generation: Lucy Poole

Tackling the reform of the Australian Public Service is not for the faint-hearted. But Lucy Poole is one of a new generation of creative thinkers considering how the APS can benefit from business opportunities and be more responsive to change, all the while maintaining high levels of efficiency and trust with the public. Born in […]

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Future Generation: Caitlin Figueiredo

Caitlin Figueiredo was just six years old when she felt an acute awareness that the world was not a just place. Now, at just 21, she has put her passion for equity into practice. Having grappled personally with gender-based violence and chronic mental illness, Caitlin was forced to drop out of Merici College at 16. […]

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Lifting our faces to the future

“This is a year not just to look to our past but to lift our faces to the future and come together to make it shine, not just for our children but for our old people too.” We are fast approaching a clutch of significant dates in Australian history. National Reconciliation Week (NRW) runs from […]

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Technology and the intergenerational workforce

Holly Ransom, Emergent CEO, is one of the keynote speakers at the upcoming Mobile-ising Women in Business event. Ahead of the conference she spoke to us about how the rapid pace of change and the intergenerational workforce is shaping the future of business. We live in a time of rapid change This is without a doubt […]

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Children and Play: Back to the future? 

Nature Play. I was excited to read Her Canberra’s article on this new ACT government program. For some years now, I’ve been pondering the difference in our children’s childhood, and that of our forebears. For me, the contrasts in child play were most clearly illustrated through some classic stories that I read to my children. […]

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