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Home Stories: Dave Caffery

Instead of a home visit, I decided to catch up with Dave Caffery at the office of his cultural consultancy Dionysus, nestled at the bottom of the Hotel Hotel Building in New Acton. Now before you say, “but hang on Ash, your series is called ‘Homes Stories’ not ‘Work Stories’… why mess with the superb […]

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Home Stories: Sarah Kelly

I knew my visit to Sarah’s home was going to be something special. Not because I had arrived early for the first time in my life (and didn’t make Victor wait for me like a loyal servant), but because her home exemplified an incredible contrast of styles right from the start. From the outside, Sarah’s […]

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Home Stories: Phillip Jones

I have a book at home called ‘I Am Dandy’, which is devoted to elegant gentleman who take finesse in style to the extreme. The book reminds me a lot of Phillip—while I wouldn’t label him as ‘extreme’, there is certainly plenty of finesse in the home he shares with his gorgeous wife Edwina and […]

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Home Stories: Aaron Ridley

Lots of people know Aaron from his bar, Ha Ha Bar, his legendary parties, and his support of artistic talent—ranging from SAFIA and Coda Conduct, to Jess Cochrane and yours truly. If you’ve never heard of these people, check them out for melodic indie pop, funky hip hop, incredible paintings and—in my case, Magnifik for […]

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Australia Day right at home at Fyshwick Markets

As we come together this week to celebrate Australia Day there are two reasons to think about the Fyshwick Fresh Food Markets. The first is that no Australia Day would be complete without summer fruit on a platter or smothered across a cream-laden pavlova. The second is that a visit to the markets is a […]

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Love stories by Briolette: Nathaniel and Matt

WARM, FUNNY LOVE STORIES AREN’T JUST RESERVED FOR THE MOVIES – SOME OF THE MOST ROMANTIC STORIES HAVE TAKEN PLACE RIGHT HERE IN OUR OWN CITY. In the third edition of this series brought to you by Briolette, we meet Nathaniel and Matt, who had a “love at first sight” moment which led to their civil union […]

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Love stories by Briolette: Evelyn and Ron

Warm, funny love stories aren’t just reserved for the movies – some of the most romantic stories have taken place right here in our own city. In the second edition of this series brought to you by  Briolette, we meet Evelyn and Ron, who have been married 68 years after meeting in a Manuka café […]

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Love stories by Briolette: Julia and Michael

Warm, funny love stories aren’t just reserved for the movies – some of the most romantic stories have taken place right here in our own city. In this new series brought to you by Briolette, we asked local couples to share their unique stories and look back on how their relationships began, starting with recently […]

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A New Treasured Home for Trove

“We’ve all benefited in different ways from Trove, particularly with the confidence we get from testing our items in the marketplace.” May 2016 marks the beginning of an exciting new era for the Trove Canberra Cooperative. Trove was formed in 2014 to showcase talented local creatives and their handmade goods. It’s grown into a thriving community […]

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Family violence: close to home

Family violence is something that affects so many of us and has been kept behind closed doors for too long. It’s time to bring it out into the open. Last Monday, I was fortunate to be named as a Champion for the Domestic Violence Crisis Service, along with Jess Bibby, Alan Tongue, Christian Lealiifano and Adam Shirley. I’ll […]

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