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Finding your ‘why’ in fitness

Why do you exercise? The whole “why” movement (thanks Simon Sinek) has taken off...

Kirra Rankin

The Secret Formula for Motivation

How’s your exercise mojo? Do you feel motivated, or do you struggle to puzzle...

Kirra Rankin

Lorna Munro: Student, Athlete, Model

A Masters student in Nutrition and Dietetics, a taekwondo black belt, and a model...

Emma de Kiefte

Get out: Autumn fitness outdoors

There is not much better than autumn in Canberra. The crisp crunch of leaves...

Amanda Whitley

Triathlon ACT: Women on the Rise

If ever there was a sport that perfectly suits Canberra, it would be triathlon....

Ashleigh Went

Zumba for Mary

Join a two-hour Zumbathon this weekend for a feel-good workout – and we’re not...

Ashleigh Went

Yoga Big Day Out 2018

For anyone in the Canberra yoga community, it will come as little surprise that...

Ashleigh Went

Your ultimate 2018 running guide

For many women, ‘running’ is intimidating – something only done by the fittest of the...

Alison Senti

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