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ACTIVE Week: 60+ FREE fitness activities

At HerCanberra, we know how tough it can be to get out there and...

Ashleigh Went

Road Test: Baila Soul

For too long the Western world’s dancefloor has been dominated by awkward sidesteps. Isn’t...

Rosalie Iannelli

How to get over your fear of exercising in public

A few years ago, Sport England conducted some research which found the biggest barrier to...

Ashleigh Went

We need your help to get Canberra ACTIVE

Calling Canberra’s health and fitness providers – we want to get ACTIVE with you!...

Ashleigh Went

J-Ball: Hockey for all

Trying a new sport can be difficult. For one – there’s the rules. Having...

Ashleigh Went

First look: here.

When Charlie and Andrea Murray left for Okinawa, Japan, they took the entire contents...

Ashleigh Went

Roller Derby: everything you need to know

When you think of sport, you tend to stick to the media-dominant activities like...

Becky Bergman

Dancing for Canberra’s homeless

Youth Dance Festival (better known to students as Dance Fest) is a non-competitive annual...

Ashleigh Went

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