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The secret to good appetite control

Someone asked me the other day: “Why do we need nutritionists/dietitians? Surely this stuff...

Kate Freeman

Starting a new diet, in gifs

When you start a diet… You genuinely feel you’re going to make it this...

Kate Freeman

Recipe: Smoothie Bowl

Sometimes, trending foods can live up to their ‘health’ status! With these kinds of...

Kate Freeman

Why ‘diets’ are a novelty and don’t bring lasting change

When you first start a diet, you have a huge advantage: it’s called novelty....

Kate Freeman

Can I please have a regular cupcake?

Sometimes only a regular cupcake will do. It’s not a question I thought I’d be...

Kate Freeman

Eight Mistakes People Make When They Try to Quit Sugar

Quitting sugar is one of the most popular nutritional changes that people are making...

Kate Freeman

Six reasons why you shouldn’t diet over Christmas

Don’t start a diet this Christmas period. I genuinely feel quite strongly about this. It’s not a...

Kate Freeman

Surviving the Silly Season

Around this time of the year my clients start asking me a certain question:...

Kate Freeman

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