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5 tips for healthy winter soups

As the cold weather settles in the soup recipes come out! Here are 5...

Kate Freeman

Win A Weekend Of Wellness (On Wheels)

Want to experience the ultimate luxury weekend of wellness (on wheels)? Here’s your chance,...

HerCanberra Team

Where to refuel on ACTIVE Day

You can always rely on the Pop-Up Village at ANU to provide delicious food, but...

Kristen Kipouropoulos

ACTIVE Week: The Roundup

We know, as well as anyone does, that trying a new activity can be...

Ashleigh Went

5 reasons to catch the CBR Brave this season

Since its creation in 2014, local ice hockey team the CBR Brave has drawn more fans...

Ashleigh Went

Kittens, glitter and free massage – oh my!

HerCanberra’s ACTIVE Day is back—presented by the First Ever BMW X2—and to say that...

Ashleigh Went

The tale of the 60-year-old women

It’s quite profound how different being 60 can be. I feel a little odd...

Kate Freeman

Mindfulness over matter

‘Mindfulness’ has become something of a buzzword in the wellness industry—one known for taking...

Ashleigh Went