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Tim Robards: Wellbeing, not comfort

Beatrice Smith and Bronwen Stead

It may not be 2013 and we’re not holding our breath to see which contestant The Bachelor gives the final rose to, but Tim Robards is still the name on everyone’s lips.

Aside from being newly engaged to the woman who did receive that final rose (congrats Anna and Tim!) Tim’s (let’s be honest) ridiculous figure is in the news for another reason – he’s showing people how to emulate it with the launch of his fitness and wellness program, The Robards Method.

Tim’s passion for wellness stemmed from when his mother fell ill when he was 12. 

“I grew up with my mum working as a nurse, and my grandmother working as a Chinese massage therapist as well as teaching Tai chi,” Tim explains.

“I had to begin to cook and take control around the house while she was bed ridden a lot of the time. It was a mystery illness that called for numerous ambulance calls, fits and convulsions in shopping centres etc. that I was always seeking to understand better,” he says. “That led me to [learn] more about the cause of what makes people sick and what makes them healthy.”

Image via facebook.com/pg/timrobardsofficial

Image via facebook.com/pg/timrobardsofficial

The Robards Method is an online program designed to combat what Tim considers the “misleading” comforts of modern living.

“We’re drawn to comfort and we’ve built ourselves a world where we don’t have to really leave the house to get food, we can dial the heat up or down as we like, we never really go without and we don’t have to exert much effort to get anything,” Tim explains. “Now days we simply don’t move enough, our food is full of processed crap and sugar and we are disconnecting more from our local communities.”

A small number of fans will get meet the man himself tomorrow when he conducts his sold out Wellbeing Masterclass at Canberra Centre. But what is wellbeing to Tim?

tim robards

Wellbeing to me means treating yourself just like any other animal in the animal kingdom and assessing your environment and making sure it has lots of what you need and less of what you don’t need,” he explains. “It’s pretty simple.”

If you’re disappointed to have missed out on seeing Tim, don’t despair. Canberra Centre will be running more boutique masterclasses this winter. Keep your eye on their website to be the first to know…


Beatrice Smith

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Bronwen Stead

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