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Unveiled event MREC

Women in Leadership: Championing the Change

A woman stands at the airport with a senior male public servant. As he...

Ashleigh Went

Rare Birds flock together

Have you ever received career advice that changed your life? Perhaps you needed that...

Beatrice Smith

Where art meets science

Until recently, “biological anthropology” was a term I could barely pronounce, much less comprehend....

Ashleigh Went

(Re)searching for a better future: Dr Liz Allen

For many of us, a high school and even a tertiary education isn’t just...

Ashleigh Went

Public servants stay focussed in Trump era

Trump and Brexit will distract our political leaders warns Australian businesswoman Catherine Livingstone. One...

Emma Macdonald

ATO wins gold in Public Sector awards

The Australian Taxation Office has taken out the Gold Award in the 2016 Prime...

Emma Macdonald

Fertility clinic founder named Telstra ACT Business Woman of the Year

Dr Nicole Sides, managing director and medical director of Compass Fertility, is the 2016...

HerCanberra Team

10 life lessons that working at McDonald’s taught me

It’s a rite of passage for many teenagers: the first job. Mine was McDonald’s,...

Catherine Russell

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