Even Jane Halton gets manterrupted…

“The glass ceiling is still there. And you hit it at different levels and parts of the APS. This needs to change.” Australia’s most senior female public servant Jane Halton has delivered a parting shot to “manterrupters” in the public service, calling on senior male bureaucrats to take a more practical approach to ensuring the […]

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Brilliant business women from ACT leading the way

From Indigenous inspired beauty products, to cosy cafes in The National Library of Australia, business women from the Australian Capital Territory prove abundant in creativity and entrepreneurial spirit.  Telstra Business Women’s Awards Ambassador, Group Executive, Media, and Chief Marketing Officer, Joe Pollard said that women from the Australian Capital Territory are changing business, one brilliant […]

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stressed woman feature

PMT: How to manage your emotions in leadership

Being a leader has its challenges. We are called upon to be consistent and professional, which for some of us, can seem almost impossible when ‘that time of the month’ kicks in. Last time I checked, ‘psycho’ is not a leadership quality. Thanks Mother Nature… I’ve noticed in the last six months, a pattern of […]

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Erin Hinton: a local architect to watch

Chances are, you’ve seen architect Erin Hinton’s work around Canberra without knowing it. Recent winner of the Australian Institute of Architects’ ACT ‘Emerging Architect’ Prize, Erin is a practicing architect, lecturer at the University of Canberra, curator of the Young.Hot.Canberra exhibition and PhD student. Erin was honoured to win the accolade, even more so because […]

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woman business feature

The untapped potential of Executive Assistants

They say that ‘behind every successful women is herself’. While that may be true, it’s also likely there’s an Executive Assistant (EA). There are few careers more greatly underestimated. Often thought of as a ‘stepping stone’ position, EAs actually have a profound influence on the ability of executives to do their job well. And in […]

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12 Awkward Truths When Starting A New Job

So you’ve moved to a new city. You’ll be needing three things: a regular coffee joint with cute barista to shamelessly flirt with, a Fantastic Furniture loyalty card and a new job. Unlike many people who call this fair state territory home I didn’t move here for my job. I arrived one dark April night jobless, […]

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woman executive feature

Female Self-Sabotage in Business: How to overcome it

Closing the gender gap is all over the media right now and is a focus on most Government’s agenda. Just the other week, Victoria’s Liberal Leader set a public target of raising the number of women in Parliament by 10 percent each election. In this article I want to highlight what business leaders, owners or […]

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woman computer feature

Stepping up with Graduate Study

“Michelle cites the helpful lecturers and online tools that CIT provides as key to her success” When Michelle Edden left her university degree unfinished to go travelling, she never thought she could one day complete her Masters, but that dream is soon to become reality thanks to a Graduate Diploma of Management (Professional Practice) at […]

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Solar Bare at Fashfest 2015

Vivien Mitchell: Starting Out

For a few months after I left my day job, I wasn’t sure how to label my new way of life. Was this home-based, thongs-wearing, keep-my-own-hours freedom legit? Was I an entrepreneur or a fashion designer? A textile designer or a start-up founder? Honestly, I didn’t feel like any of these things at first, as […]

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Are you stuck in your comfort zone?

 Are you disgruntled with your current position? Lost your mojo or stuck in a rut? According to the State of the Service report on employee engagement in the APS, ‘An engaged workforce is likely to be more committed to organisational goals and (be) more productive.’ Employee engagement in the Australian Public Service, (APS), has remained consistent […]

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