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Where art meets science

Until recently, “biological anthropology” was a term I could barely pronounce, much less comprehend. That was until I spoke to Dr Alison Behie, Head of Discipline for Biological Anthropology at ANU College of Arts and Social Science (CASS).   “Biological anthropology is a discipline that is trying to understand human uniqueness. We are trying to […]

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(Re)searching for a better future: Dr Liz Allen

For many of us, a high school and even a tertiary education isn’t just accessible, but encouraged and in some cases expected. When we think about barriers to education – particularly for women – it’s often third world countries that come to mind – but it’s an issue that’s far closer to home than we’d […]

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I heart coding and I do it for you Canberra!

It’s not my usual sleepy Sunday morning at 6am as I creep out the house, trying not to wake my two year old daughter and her Daddy. But today is special. We are launching the inaugural Canberra Girls’ Programming Network (GPN) for a group of young girls from local and rural Canberra schools. What is […]

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woman business feature

The untapped potential of Executive Assistants

They say that ‘behind every successful women is herself’. While that may be true, it’s also likely there’s an Executive Assistant (EA). There are few careers more greatly underestimated. Often thought of as a ‘stepping stone’ position, EAs actually have a profound influence on the ability of executives to do their job well. And in […]

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woman computer feature

Stepping up with Graduate Study

“Michelle cites the helpful lecturers and online tools that CIT provides as key to her success” When Michelle Edden left her university degree unfinished to go travelling, she never thought she could one day complete her Masters, but that dream is soon to become reality thanks to a Graduate Diploma of Management (Professional Practice) at […]

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Can creativity be taught?

Enjoying the last glorious sunshiny days of Autumn, the children, now confident and secure in the daily rhythms of their Early Childhood Classroom, are chasing the whirling autumn leaves, sailing grand ships, racing the wind on their pretend ponies and preparing dinner inside their blanket-covered cubbies. Creativity begins with attitude and it is found in […]

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elephants feature

Practically local: The benefits of overseas study

From the Canberra classroom to the jungles of Thailand and the bustling metropolis of Beijing, Canberra Institute of Technology (CIT) students will be honing their craft all across the world in 2016. It’s a given that overseas study broadens the mind, creates new opportunities for self-improvement and allows future employers to see the flexible, self-directed […]

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CGGS Scholarships: Paving the way for success

This year Canberra Girls Grammar School (CGGS) is celebrating 90 years of educating girls in Canberra. Traditions are important at CGGS, providing a firm foundation to underpin a sense of continuity and stability; one such tradition is the offering of Scholarships to girls on the basis of academic achievement and financial need. CGGS’ first scholarships […]

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Laura Bergen feature

No Pregnant Pause for Policy Pupil

The ANU Crawford School of Public Policy’s energy economics course sparked Master of Public Policy student Laura Bergan’s interest in the topic. The same can’t be said for her son – potentially Crawford’s youngest student – who found the soothing tones of the lecture a great opportunity to have a nap. William Bergan commenced study […]

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ywca feature

YWCA: Travelling to Bangkok for advocacy

Canberra is a city that is seen to be inextricably linked with advocacy. With Parliament House towering above us on Capital Hill, and the location of many diplomatic embassies and peak industry bodies in the ACT, this reputation is well-deserved. However, opportunities for young Canberran women to meaningfully participate in advocacy for their own rights […]

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