Public servants stay focussed in Trump era

Trump and Brexit will distract our political leaders warns Australian businesswoman Catherine Livingstone. One of Australia’s most senior businesswomen has urged the public service to stay focussed while governments become increasingly “distracted” by the repercussions of a Trump presidency and the fall-out from Brexit. The outgoing president of the Business Council of Australia, Catherine Livingstone, […]

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Secretaries reveal: tips to make it to the top as a woman

I can’t wait to tell my daughter about the year that was 2015. It’s the year the first woman won the Melbourne Cup, the first woman became Defence Minister, the year we had the bravest and most articulate Australian of the Year, a woman who shone an overdue spotlight on domestic violence, the year the […]

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The ACT Budget: Reforms, red tape and roads

The Chief Minister was clearly in his element when he presented his 2015-16 Budget to the Canberra Business Chamber ACT Budget Breakfast on Tuesday morning. It was Mr Barr’s fourth budget as Treasurer and first as Chief Minister, and he clearly felt comfortable as he delivered the speech in a relaxed but authoritative manner. “I found […]

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The ‘kiss and make up’ Budget

Making the country fairer is the underlying test of every Budget, and that has nothing to do with balancing the books and everything to do with balancing the interests at play. It is the minefield that every Treasurer must navigate with precision and consideration – an arrogant misstep can recast political fortunes, detonate political capital, […]

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InTransition: the Antidote to the 24-hour news cycle

Canberra-based government content marketing agency, contentgroup, is determined to provide the government with the antidote to the 24-hour news cycle. A business focussed on helping the government communicate more effectively, they have launched a podcast series that explores the practice of content marketing in government with the goal of strengthening communities and improving the well-being of citizens […]

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Powerful women help women find power

In physics, power is the rate of doing work, a key part of which is the amount of force that is applied to the work performed on a chosen path. If you apply that definition to the work of women, then perhaps we can extend power to be the ability to amplify the challenges that […]

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Cabinet reshuffle: a strategic move or an incoherent jumble?

ACT Chief Minister Andrew Barr implemented his foreshadowed cabinet reshuffle on 20 January this year. He announced a probable expansion of the ministry after stepping up as Chief Minister in December last year. As outlined in the local newspaper in late January there have been no huge surprises or major changes to the cabinet line-up and most current […]

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Are we on a road to nowhere with light rail?

Just as paid parking had the entire Canberra populace up in arms, the proposed light rail system seems to have irritated and elated us in equal portions. With the Opposition leader, Jeremy Hanson, warning that the Liberals will scrap the light rail plan if the ACT Liberal Party wins government in 2016 the issue of […]

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Moral Compass

Where have all the real voters gone…?

Cue the end of the year for one of Australia’s longest running soap operas, Home and Away and there it is – the cliffhanger … the ratings bump before the holidays, will it be a bomb scare? A fire? A kidnapping? The loss of one of our beloved cast members? Or a runaway bride? What will happen […]

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What it really means to lead the ship…

At a time when Federal leadership coups have become a biennial blood sport, a time when political cynicism is dangerously easy, I was reminded of how much a good politician can do in their community. At work and with one eye on news sites heralding the Liberal leadership coup, I received a call from the […]

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