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A rare look at early Japanese feminists

When you think of feminist images, you may conjure the grainy black-and-white photos of the suffragette movement in the late 19th Century, or perhaps the colour and movement of the 1970’s women’s liberation marches. But the National Library of Australia is opening a new exhibition on Wednesday 2 May which puts a new cultural perspective […]

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Hayley Jenson

This Week In The Can

Your essential guide to what’s on in Canberra this week! HAVE AN EVENT YOU’D LIKE TO SEE LISTED IN THIS WEEK IN THE CAN? SUBMIT IT HERE BY COB WEDNESDAY PRIOR. NINE THINGS NOT TO MISS Hayley Jensen – Past Tense and Present Peace Album Launch Songbird Hayley Jensen has wowed millions of listeners and live […]

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Katie Noonan and Karin Schaupp

Wanderlust is just down The Street

Wanderlust can be a powerful lure as the capital cools. Fortunately, Canberrans needn’t stray too far to melt the icicles – The Street Theatre is gearing up to another jam-packed itinerary of musical wanderings, to power you through the first days of calendar winter. June at The Street continues to push the boundaries of live […]

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Putting women on the map

The names we give our city streets are indicators of our social hierarchies and values. In a world built by men, it’s unsurprising that our streets and buildings, parks and squares memorialise the achievements of men who wielded power, held vast fortunes and reshaped history. In Italy, just 3.5 per cent of Roman roads bear […]

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Heart to Heart with David Campbell this Saturday night

Looking for some last-minute plans for Saturday night? We have the perfect suggestion that will get you dressed up, out of the house, entertained and all for a good cause to boot. This Saturday the Heart Foundation Gala Dinner is hoping to raise both money and awareness, all while making sure you have a great […]

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fireworks feature

Weekend Edit: What’s on in Canberra

Your essential guide to what’s on in Canberra this weekend! Every Monday for more than five years, we’ve published This Week in The Can, our comprehensive guide to everything happening around the city this week – but sometimes it’s just too epic to get through! That’s why each Friday we publish our Weekend Edit… Here are 13 things […]

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An ‘emotional wallop’: the CSO’s Australian Series

War has changed immeasurably during the last century, and whilst some of changes are easily observed (like the advances in technology for example) others are more discreet. The ways in which war is portrayed through art has undergone subtle yet significant changes; some of which will be heard and seen during the second performance of […]

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Enigma: In a flash it’s gone

In a flash it’s gone.  The dancer has moved from one form to the next. Capturing that movement in a still frame is the ultimate challenge for a photographer, as Canberra’s Lorna Sim well knows. Lorna’s new exhibition, Enigma, captures the free spirt of young contemporary dancer Eliza Sanders, who dances wherever the wind takes […]

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Out with old and in with the handmade

Rid yourself of those unloved winter woollies and brighten up with some of the most exquisite handmade products Canberra has to offer (while also perusing a dessert stall or two). The Winter Handmade Markets are back again for the ninth year running, and I promise you they aren’t anything as bleak as their season. Over […]

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NGA’s new big thing – Defying the Empire

“We defy: By existing; By determining our identity; By asserting our histories; our culture; our language…” Tina Baum, NGA Curator of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art The gilt-encrusted vestiges of the Versailles exhibition have been safely returned to the grand palace in France. Now the National Gallery of Australia is gearing up for a major exhibit of artwork which resonates […]

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