Hale July 2017 Masthead 3

Dance and responsibility merge in This Poisoned Sea

The news in this day and age is rarely uplifting. That’s just the state of the world we live in, however, some feel a responsibility to improve things. Later this week, QL2 Dance’s Quantum Leap ensemble will tackle the question of their own sense of responsibility, when their new show, This Poisoned Sea comes to Canberra Theatre […]

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Canberra Obscura 2016. Photo by Andrew Sikorski_slider

Canberra Obscura: Metropolis – art, exploration and the unexpected

Despite getting our fair share of clear, sunny days, winter can start to feel pretty bleak in Canberra. That’s why, this Friday night, Ainslie and Gorman Centre’s Canberra Obscura: Metropolis is here to make everything feel a little cosier, a little more interesting, and a lot more fun. Following on from a successful event in […]

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sita chan

This Week In The Can

Your essential guide to what’s on in Canberra this week! HAVE AN EVENT YOU’D LIKE TO SEE LISTED IN THIS WEEK IN THE CAN? SUBMIT IT HERE BY COB WEDNESDAY PRIOR. 14 THINGS NOT TO MISS Aveda Ayurvedic Wellbeing Masterclass with Sita Chan Sita Chan, an Ayurveda lifestyle counsellor, Aveda educator and yoga instructor will reveal […]

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minecraft gaming kids_feature

Could Minecraft help us build a better city?

It’s been called the ultimate sandbox game, but now Minecraft’s imaginary worlds are being turned into bricks and mortar, thanks to a United Nations program that helps people design better public spaces. More than 121 million copies of Minecraft have been sold since Markus Persson released his brainchild on the world in 2009. Persson cashed […]

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1984 feature

1984: Big Brother is Watching…

Novels about bleak dystopian futures are meant to be a warning not a ‘How To’ guide for oppressive regimes. Lately though George Orwell’s 1984 and Margaret Atwood’s Handmaid’s Tale seem to be road maps to a world all too easily reached. Both novels have been adapted into critically acclaimed productions, Atwood’s novel on TV and […]

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Max Made_feature

Weekend Edit: What’s on in Canberra

Your essential guide to what’s on in Canberra this weekend! Every Monday for more than five years, we’ve published This Week in The Can, our comprehensive guide to everything happening around the city this week – but sometimes it’s just too epic to get through! That’s why each Friday we publish our Weekend Edit… Here are 10 things […]

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The King's Choice

Cold Comfort: Go North

The Scandi Film Festival has docked its longship at Palace Electric Cinemas and the programme ranges from the funny to the absurd, from the touching to the darkest black cinema. I enjoy each year’s offerings so much I am beginning to have favourite Scandi actors and directors – but not cinematographers because I do not […]

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Dominic Stove - New Zealand

World Photo Day: celebrating the power of photography

Have you ever taken a throwaway photo on your phone and realised it actually turned out pretty well? Perhaps you own the latest DSLR camera or dabble in photography on the side. Whatever way you do it, World Photo Day celebrates all sorts of photography. From the professional to the amateur and everything in between, […]

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woman smiling winter feature

The ultimate guide to Canberra in winter

No more of this “winter is coming” malarkey, winter is most definitely here. The minus 6-degree temperatures have sent Canberrans into a state of shock, with newsfeeds statewide filled with the protests of freezing locals. Regardless of the relentless cold, life must go on. But don’t worry your cold little noses; we’ve got you covered! […]

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This Week In The Can

Your essential guide to what’s on in Canberra this week! HAVE AN EVENT YOU’D LIKE TO SEE LISTED IN THIS WEEK IN THE CAN? SUBMIT IT HERE BY COB WEDNESDAY PRIOR. 11 THINGS NOT TO MISS Westfield Woden Truffle Market Day Westfield Woden invites you to attend the Truffle Festival Market Day, part of the 2017 […]

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