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11 things you can’t miss this Spring

The days are getting longer, the blossoms are out, and the sun is finally doing its job again! Spring has arrived and for the next few months, our beautiful city is packed full of activities to get you out and about, after months of hibernation. Here’s 10 things you can’t miss this Spring: SUNSET CINEMA […]

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Win a trip to Wellington

Here’s how you could be heading off on a luxury escape this summer to a destination named by Lonely Planet as the ‘Coolest Little Capital In The World’. Here’s some trivia for you. Which city was named as one of the BBC’s Hottest Cities, one of Rough Guides’ Top 10 Cities for 2015 and named a […]

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Five heart-warming winter dates

Wondering how to chill this Canberra winter? Winter is here. That doesn’t mean that you and your significant other are doomed to re-watch Game of Thrones episodes on the couch all season. Rug up, step out and enjoy each other’s company in these five new ways: Hunt for ‘black magic’ at the Truffle Farm Canberra Did […]

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Unconventional Canberra Activities

Stuck in a social rut? Forget drinks and dinner, here are three unconventional activities for those craving something outside the box. RIDDLE ROOM   Imagine being trapped in a room where your only hope of escape is to ‘solve’ your way out through a series of puzzles. Sounds very ‘Saw,’ right? But if this sets […]

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Why every city needs a champion

Every city needs a champion. City champions are passionate about their place on the planet, and want to galvanise their community to make it the best it can be. They bring people together around a common goal or collective idea. They make things happen. New York has been lucky to have a succession of champions […]

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Riddle Room: An experience like no other

Specialising in a unique and tantalising experience, Riddle Room is set to puzzle Canberra in 2016. Imagine being trapped in a room where your only hope of escape is to ‘solve’ your way out through a series of puzzles. Some of you are probably shaking in your boots, while some are thinking ‘Finally! A way for […]

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Six Pools to Cool Off at This Weekend

With a forecast of 36 degrees today, it’s time to figure out where you’ll be cooling off this summer. If you enjoy swimming in nature, be sure to check out our list of rivers, swimming holes and lakes, but if you’re after a more chlorinated, lifeguarded experience or want to make a day of it with a […]

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Melbourne Cup Lunch: Simplified

There’s a lot of fuss surrounding Melbourne Cup day. Some of this fuss is absolutely necessary: What will you wear? Which friends will you spend the day with? What creative way will you break it to your boss that you’ll be on leave? Some of the fuss, however, is just tedious, and it’s mostly down to […]

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The Deck Marquee: Raising the racing bar

Race days can be tricky. There’s nothing better than gathering your friends together for a day trackside, but navigating seating, drinks and shade for a large group of people can be challenging – no less in the fever of race day and in your best pair of heels. Luckily, race days can now be enjoyed […]

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Why Denman Prospect could be Canberra’s next ‘must live’ suburb

At least twice a year for the past 10 years or so, I have tried to convince my country-dwelling sister to move to Canberra. So far, without success…but, you know, I don’t give up so easily. On her latest trip a couple of weeks ago, she said, ‘look, I could almost be persuaded…but there’s nowhere […]

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