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Wanderlust 108: The Mindful Triathlon

Helena Game

We all know that life can sometimes get overwhelming.

Whether it’s work stress, home stress, or just life-stress, sometimes it’s hard to stay in the present and feel connected to something bigger.

This sense of connection needs to be nurtured, but at times it can be difficult to know where to start. Classes might be too much of a commitment and finding the right outlet for stress may just seem too hard – the stress of choosing hindering your health more than helping.

To combat this feeling of overwhelm, the folks at Wanderlust have distilled mindfulness into one long, deep breath of a day.


A lifestyle program that aims to promote mindfulness and the health of your mind, body and soul through a variety of events, Wanderlust bases its philosophy on yoga practice, community, sustainability and creativity, and is open to anybody who would like to get involved, whether you are a beginner or an experienced practitioner.


If any of this sounds good to you, you’re in luck, because the Wanderlust 108 one day event is coming to Canberra. A day of yoga, meditation and running, Wanderlust 108 is a chance to challenge yourself, and maybe even become a little more mindful. Kids are welcome too, so bring the little ones along to get involved.


Australia and New Zealand Wanderlust Festival director Jonnie Halstead says that Canberra is now part of a worldwide network.

“Canberra now joins a list of world tour cities…so it’s really great to see our nation’s capital join that list,” says Jonnie.

“Wanderlust 108 is a real gateway experience for those that are wellness or healthy living enthusiasts, to have a try of our mindful triathlon.”


The ‘mindful triathlon’ will be a trio of activities to get you moving (or not) in different ways. This will include a 5km run, but feel free to complete this any way you’d like, because it’s not about the competition. A 75-minute group yoga session, complete with background music provided by a DJ and a 30-minute guided meditation to help you clear your mind and relax your body.

Keep an eye out for the bonus activities too, including hooping and slack lining, which can be signed up for in advance.


For a break in between activities, head over to the Kula Market to check out some local crafts, yoga gear, and delicious organic food from local producers to stock up on.

The goal of Wanderlust 108 is to help people challenge themselves while discovering new things, says Jonnie.


“It’s a challenge to be your best self for a day, and hopefully through doing that and coming with a very open mind to try new things,” he explains. “Hopefully you will have some transformational experience that will help you live better day by day after that.

“Our motto is ‘find your true north’, and that’s a calling to navigate life with purpose, and find your best self.

“We hope our attendees leave connected themselves, connected to a community of like-minded people, and connected with a great experience in nature for a day.”


the essentials

What: Wanderlust 108
Where: Stage 88, Commonwealth Park West, ACT
When: Saturday 19 November, 8am-4pm
Cost: $40 per person | kids attend free
Tickets: Visit Eventbrite

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Helena Game

Helena is a wannabe journalist studying Communications and Journalism at the University of Canberra. Canberra born and bred, she is hopelessly in love with writing, stories and travel. She recently wrote her way around Japan for a creative writing study tour, and spent another two weeks in the Middle East on a journalism exchange, both of which have left her with a proper case of the post-travel blues. While she plots her next adventure, Helena is hoping to gain as much industry experience as humanly possible, and somehow finish her degree at the same time. More about the Author