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World Champion, Olympian, and CBR Local: Meet Caroline Buchanan

Ashleigh Went

When it comes to sport, Caroline Buchanan is doing Canberra – and especially Canberran women – very proud indeed.

Her list of accomplishments would be a full article in itself, but in short: she’s the holder of three BMX and five Mountain Bike world titles, a two time Olympian and the recipient of more awards than most people have fingers and toes. She has also been a joint AIS Athlete of the Year and a finalist in both the ACT Young Australian of the Year and Young Canberran of the year.

CB jump

It’s not just Caroline’s performance of the track that’s got her international attention. She’s the founder of Buchanan Next Gen, where she works to provide scholarships, support and mentoring to an all-girls BMX team. She’s also a philanthropist, having raised over $30,000 for various charities and programs.

She’s attracted support from some incredible brands, including Oakley, Netflix and Harley Davidson Motorbikes and now… the Canberra Airport.

We caught up with Caroline to find out exactly how she’s ‘Living the Ride’:

What have been some of your greatest career highlights to date?

Competing for Australia at two Olympic Games in BMX racing.

Every time I have been fortunate enough to be able to win the world title and wear the World Championship jersey, have been highlights that last forever. If I had to name the most special one out of eight home championship titles, it would be winning my first mountain bike world championships in my hometown Canberra in 2009.

CB Gold

You’re often praised for your positive attitude. How do you maintain your positivity in the face of challenges or setbacks?

Adversity tends to light a fire under my butt. Facing setbacks or challenges however never comes easy. Fear and disappointment go hand in hand with setbacks! For me, the feeling of achievement, even if it’s overcoming small setbacks or having five seconds of courage to try again when the grandstands are empty, empowers me to know that I can keep standing back up!

What do you love the most about being an athlete? 

The ability to both creatively and powerfully lead the charge; to win and to be at the forefront of sport, empowerment and history.

Being part of something greater than sport and having an impact on shaping the next generation of cyclists, women in sort and empowering females all makes me tick and keep striving!


What motivates you to succeed?

Surprising myself with my own ability and continuously being a better athlete and better person.

Physical and mental progression on and off the bike in my sport has kept me in front of the pack. I am a competitor, I love adrenaline, I love a challenge and I love winning.

Can you tell us a bit about ‘Living the Ride’?

My fiancé Barry Nobles and I this year decided to go on a thrill-seeking packed adventure around the glove, and in our competitive nature we are always challenging each other to overcome fear, push the limits and enjoy life.

Balancing standing on top of podiums and always making time for fun, we decided to have a global TV show documented t showcase our extreme lifestyle, mixed with travelling the world racing the 2017 BMX/Mountain Bike season and discovering iconic roads riding Harley Davidson’s.

It’s been a massive success and I’m excited for the three half hour TV shows that are being distributed out as we speak. Some snippets of the journey can be found on @livingtheride Instagram.

From mountain biking to axe throwing to sky diving, it seems like you’re always doing something adventurous. Is there anything that scares you?

Snakes and spiders – yuck! Adventure and fear any day… but gnarly animals, riding horses, or big ocean waves? No thank you!

What are your current goals?

With 2017 coming to an end, I am already planning what’s next for 2018 and 2020 Olympic BMX preparations!

What do you love the most about Canberra?

My three favourite hot spots are: Stromlo Forest Park for the best mountain biking, the whole Braddon strip for real coffees, and hiking Mount Ainslie for the best views in Canberra!

Do you think that coming from Canberra has influenced or shaped your career in any way?

Canberra is definitely a huge supporting platform for athletes, entrepreneurs and families to grow. It’s not too big, but big enough and with all the resources.

I travel a lot throughout the year for competition but there’s no better thing than coming to the AIS, reassessing, testing and planning what’s next. Plus, seeing my family and friends and being able to collaborate with other Canberra athletes and businesses like Canberra Airport.

How does it feel to be involved in the #flylikeacbrlocal campaign? 

I think it’s a really fitting partnership, the Canberra Airport has been my departure and arrival location with so many memories, and emotion-filled welcome homes! It’s a world-class facility and I aim to be a first-class athlete dominating everything with 2 wheels, representing my capital and nation on the world stage well.

Like Canberra Airport strives to be a gateway for people to the world, I strive to show through my performances, action and social media the pathway for women in sport, future athletes and #livingtheride in all aspects of the word.

I’m excited to be at Majura Park Shopping this upcoming Sunday 17th September to meet everyone – come say hi!

CB flylikeacbrlocal

You can win the chance for a meet and greet with Caroline at a Canberra hot spot and a $1000 travel voucher. To enter, visit and name your favourite Canberra hot spot in 25 words or less. Alternatively, visit Majura Park this Sunday from 10:30am to 11:30am and you can tell Caroline in person and enter the competition while you’re there.





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