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The 2017 ACT Violence Prevention Awards: taking a stand

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Last night saw creative and committed locals recognised at the 2017 ACT Violence Prevention Awards. 

It’s a sobering fact that just about every person in our community is affected by family violence in some way. The effects of violence and abuse are so serious, and they demand a shared responsibility to result in real and lasting change. If we are to effectively rid our community out of this issue, every person and every organisation can take important steps to prevent violence against women and children.

The event, which is run annually, awards Canberrans in four categories covering the Community Sector, Education, Media and Communications, and Workplace or Business.

“Each of these recipients has been recognised for the important work they have done raising awareness of violence against women and/or children in our community, and helping to build our community where everyone can be free from violence,” said Deputy Cheif Minister and Minister for the Prevention of Domestic and Family Violence, Yvette Berry. “This work also includes contributions to changing attitudes and behaviours to support an anti-violence culture, and developing innovative ways to prevent violence.”

“These projects and the people behind them make our community safer, and raise awareness of violence against women and children in our community. The ACT Government is committed to forging an ACT community-wide culture that respects the rights of everyone to live free from the fear of violence.”


  • The Alcohol Tobacco and Other Drug Association ACT (ATODA)
  • Beryl Women Inc.
  • Domestic Violence Crisis Service (DVCS)
  • Canberra Police Citizens Youth Club (PCYC)
  • Assistance Beyond Crisis (ABC);
  • John Hinchey (Victims of Crime Commissioner)
  • Juliet Moody (Fearless Comedy Gala)

The Awards ceremony was held on #day3 of the #16days of Global Activism campaign against gender-based violence highlights that many small steps forward can make a real difference. Read more about the 16 Days of Global Activism here.

For more information on the Violence Prevention Awards visit

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