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Snack Heads: Addictive Healthy Eating for Workplaces

Beatrice Smith

We all know the 3pm hunger twinge that settles into your stomach mid afternoon at work. Even those who excel at meal planning find the 3pm snack-attack hard to navigate with unhealthy snacks within vending machines often seeming the easiest option.

Healthy snacks are usually out of reach for those unable to leave their desks, but leaving your pangs untended can leave you listless, tired or even worse, hangry (hungry-angry). This is the gap in the Canberra corporate food market that Harriet Walker and Elle Greet saw when they formulated Snack Heads, a new way of creating healthier, happier 3pms.

“I work as a dietitian part time and have done quite a few seminars in corporate workplaces about healthy snacking and Elle is currently a public servant who is a bit of a fitness buff and is acutely aware of the snacking culture that occurs [in the workplace]” says Harriet Walker. “The statistics are showing that there’s a lot of unhealthy habits going on within the workplace so we came together off the back of all that and have come up with the Snack Heads concept [as a result].”


Harriet and Elle have created a business model that allows for handmade, nutritionist approved snacks paired with premium Australian fruit to be delivered regularly to Canberra workplaces. The snack boxes are designed to be shared between the workplace and range from the Basic Snack Box, with 25 pieces of fruit, to the premium Snack Box which contains 25 pieces of fruit and ten handmade, nutritionist approved snacks. “We’ve worked out some recipes that really work for us,” says Harriet, “some nut butters, nut mixes and a protein slice, all in correct portion sizes.”

Each protein slice has been exacted to contain the perfect nutritional value for an afternoon snack. “I wanted them to have around 10g of protein – keeping you satisfied – around 3g of fibre and below 200 calories, which is the right amount for a snack at around 3 o’clock when you find your energy levels flagging,” says Harriet.

Both Harriet and Elle are “Canberra born and bred”, giving them the drive to create a product that suited the fast paced Canberra corporate environment; “We’re both very in touch with what’s going on in Canberra workplaces and there’s definitely a big capacity for Canberra to be moving more towards a healthier workplace culture. As a dietitian it’s definitely the story that I hear the most from clients: not knowing [what to snack on].”

“We want people to steer away from the chai lattes and banana breads and into something a little bit more wholesome,” explains Harriet. “We want to make healthy eating a bit more addictive. People are letting their snacks choose them and not the other way around. We want people to snack wisely and make it work for them, with smaller changes driving bigger ones overall.”

While their website is still the final stages of development, you can order Snack Heads snack boxes for your workplace now over email at [email protected] and follow them on Facebook.


Beatrice Smith

Bea loves that her job as HerCanberra’s Online Editor involves eating, drinking and interviewing people - sometimes simultaneously. The master of HerCanberra’s publishing schedule, she’s usually found hunched over a huge calendar muttering to herself about content balance. Otherwise, you’ll find her at the movies or ordering a cheese board. More about the Author