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Social Media Tips for Small Business

Jemma Mrdak

“Now, what most people search for first when they are looking for a particular service is a business’ social media accounts.”

It’s incredibly important for all businesses to have an up-to-date social media presence.

Large businesses and corporations use social media every day to connect with their clients and customers in order to build relationships, share messages and direct sales and revenue to their business. Gone are the days where you could only gather information about a business from a phonebook or basic website.

Now, what most people search for first when they are looking for a particular service is a business’ social media accounts.

Whether it be Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, potential clients and customers are going to look for businesses on these mediums.

Why? Because they like to find out as MUCH as they can about that business before they invest their time and money into the service.

To help you develop your business’ social media management skills, I recommend using at least one or all of these social media tools.

Hootsuite  This is a social media scheduling tool that saves A LOT of time.

I like to use it to manually schedule in my social media posts for my personal account and client accounts, as it allows me to schedule content to publish at a later date and time. Hootsuite can also publish content for you at a time that they think is going to get you the most traffic.

They also have great analytics and reporting methods so that you can measure how your content is being received by your audience. Hootsuite also has a great dashboard that allows you to monitor all your pages and social platforms.

An alternative to Hootsuite is Buffer, which is a smart and easy way to schedule content. Buffer is used as a type of virtual queue that you can fill with content and stagger your posts throughout the week. It allows you to also keep a consistent social schedule.

The difference between Hootsuite and Buffer is that Buffer is primarily used as just a scheduling tool, whereas Hootsuite also has the ability to show a dashboard of your social media channels.


Tweepi: This is a unique management tool for Twitter that allows you to flush the unfollows, cleanup the inactive’s on your account, reciprocate following of other accounts, as well as bulk follow/unfollow up to 200 users at one time. This is a great tool for those who need a complete Twitter overhaul.

Social Flow: This is quite an interesting resource that is used to watch real-time conversations on social media so that you can predict the best times to publish content in order to find peak times and target specific audiences. Social Flow also analyses social signals to help identify where you should be spending your money on promoted and sponsored posts.

Crowdbooster: A great tool for no-nonsense social media analytics that will give you suggestions and resources to boost your online engagement. This platform provides recommendations on engagement and timing, and audience insights so that you can determine what content is working best for you.

Unfollowers: Do you want to track who has unfollowed you on Twitter or Instagram? Who doesn’t?! A fantastic tool that you can use to connect with people and get an insight into your audience and how they are connecting with you.

TOOLS FOR ENGAGING WITH YOUR AUDIENCE A reliable resource to get to know your audience. This tool can be used for shortening links on social media, analysing your audience and managing the success of the links.

Tags For Likes: I refer to this site regularly to find hash tags to use on each Instagram post. Tags For Likes has a great range of hash tags that you can use to connect with a variety of audiences. Ever wondered how to centre your Instagram bio too? Tags For Likes can help you out with this.

 Hashtagify: Another good hash tagging tool that helps you find the best hash tags that are relevant for your brand and will get you noticed.

Iconosquare: Great for obtaining stats specific for your Instagram account. Get your total number of likes received, your most liked photos ever, your average number of likes and comments per photo, as well as follower growth charts.


Have a blog post idea but struggling to formulate a topic or title? Head to Portent or HubSpot, where you’ll find tools that will help you form the most SEO attractive blog title ever!

If you’re like me and have multiple Notes written on your iPhone of passwords to various accounts – then definitely get LastPass in your life! This is a tool that remembers your passwords so you won’t forget them ever again!

Finally, don’t try and be present on every social media platform. Trust me; you won’t be able to manage it all.

Just because there is Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest, Google +, YouTube, Tumblr and various other sites out there, don’t feel as though you need to be present on all of them. I am a big believer in less is more.

So, why not manage 2-3 accounts – or even one if you’re just getting started, and do these accounts well?

Jemma is the Founder of fashion and lifestyle blog, A Stylish Moment, and social media management agency, Dak & Co.

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Jemma Mrdak

Jemma is a Canberra based style blogger and social media manager who originally founded her blog, A Stylish Moment, whilst studying at University. Jemma is making waves in the blogging industry by doing what she loves - documenting her outfits, style edits and personal style, and she recently launched her own social media management agency, Dak & Co in which she helps small businesses find their feet in the digital world. You'll regularly find Jemma sipping chai latte's and scoping out the the best place in which she can take an outfit post! More about the Author