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Help raise funds for Abundant Water’s international expansion

Valeriya Lloyd

Australia is fortunate enough to have a well-protected water cleaning system. Perhaps it’s something we take for granted.

Many countries worldwide, however, are struggling with this issue.

Fundraising organisation Abundant Water is focused on the production of low-cost clay-pottery filters that help to remove over 95% of pathogens from water. Currently, Abundant Water provides rural communities in Laos and Nepal with these locally made water filter and, supported by the Australian Government, the company also provide an education training program in Asian countries teaching people how to establish micro-businesses selling the filters. The program is focused heavily on facilitating the opportunity for women to become filter promoters and vendors in rural Laos and more recently in Nepal.

The program is focused heavily on facilitating the opportunity for women to become filter promoters and vendors in rural Laos and more recently in Nepal.

Sabina from Kathmandu, Nepal, is one of ten women in Nepal who received vendor training through Abundant Water’s new program in the earthquake-ravaged country.

“When I heard that friends of mine were learning to sell water filters I begged my family to have this opportunity,” says Sabina. “I wanted to work, but my family said I needed to stay at home to look after my daughter. My father studied at university in Australia and when he learned this was an Australian inspired project he agreed to my wishes. Now I have sold 50 filters. I even tell my friends about this on Facebook. I look forward to going out and socializing with my neighbors and selling them water filters at the same time.”



Abundant Water’s approach is based on the “design thinking process” where testing and adaptation is built into their processes from the beginning.


“It’s really rewarding seeing women like Sabina have the opportunity to create their own income stream,” says Abundant Water CEO and founder Sunny Forsyth, pictured above (5th from left) conducting a training course in Nepal.

However, the company is willing to explore further opportunities to extend the supply of filters with finding an under-utilised filter factory that could produce very similar filters.

“At Abundant Water we’ve achieved a lot this year and our sense of excitement is palpable. We are all really looking forward to what’s next,” says Sunny.

Abundant Water is holding its annual Trivia Night at Eastlake Football Club in Kingston on Thursday 27 October from 6.30pm to help raise funds and build awareness of its work. Everyone is welcome to join the Abundant water team for having fun and help to raise money for the international program.

Abundant Water trainees

Abundant Water recipients

“We are always keen to create dynamic links in the Canberra community, and from time to time we have exciting and rewarding opportunities for interested people to get involved in our Canberra-based board or other committees,” says Sunny.

There are 20 tables available, which is convenient for a group of friends (tables seat 8-10 people). Everyone can grab a meal at the club beforehand or order food for the table. Tickets are $20 per person and there will be great prizes and raffles held during the night.

the essentials

What: The Abundant Water Trivia Night
When: Thursday 27 October 2017 from 6.30pm
Where: Eastlake Football Club, 3 Oxley Street
Cost: $20 per person
Tickets: To book a table, go to Eventbrite


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