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Choir in A Day

Molly McLaughlin

According to Anna Riddel (pictured) anyone can sing – you just have to find your voice.

Anna is a professional vocalist and singing teacher and her latest project, Choir In A Day, is an attempt to fulfil her childhood dreams of dedicating a whole day to singing with like-minded people.

“I was in choirs all throughout school and university and this day is for anyone who, like me, thought the best day of the year was when you had a big event coming up and you got pulled out of classes to rehearse all day.” Anna says. “[Choir in a Day] is for people who can’t commit to a weekly choir or they want to try something different, but love to sing and be a part of a community.”

Anna has an extensive career as a singer both in Australia and the United States and is passionate about many styles of music, including classical, musical theatre, jazz and contemporary. Choir in A Day will be held on World Voice Day and is open to anyone and everyone who wants to sing. At the end of the day, the choir will perform for family and friends.

“There are no auditions and any singing level or musical level is welcome, it is very inclusive,” Anna says. “We’ll be working on a range of beautiful and fun music that people can really enjoy harmonising to. For me, when you get together with a group of people and create harmonies its one of the most enjoyable things you can do.”

She believes choirs are a way to connect with others in a way that isn’t possible as a solo performer. But, understandably, she is often too busy to fit in a weekly rehearsal time, and so Choir in a Day was born.

“It’s a day for people to connect with likeminded people and share that experience together,” she says. “You’re communicating through music all day and I think it will be a really great opportunity for people who are new to Canberra to meet people who are interested in music. I expect that people who come to the day may not know each other but will really know each other well by the end.”

In her role as a teacher, Anna has been able to share her skills of performance and technical methods of singing as is looking forward to helping the choir members find their voice.

“I’ll be teaching some vocal exercises and performance techniques for connecting to the audience,” she says. “We’re not just going to be rote learning the songs we’re really going to be connecting with the music. These will also be really useful communication skills that people can take away.”

With a range of singers from seasoned professionals to choir newbies, Anna is confident that Choir in A Day will be a genuine celebration of singing.

“At the end of the day, we will get the experience of seeing what can be created if everyone puts all their efforts into the same project, there’s a sense of achievement,” Anna says. “Its really quite special.”

the essentials

What: Choir in A Day (18+ only)
Where: Merici College, Wise Street, Braddon
When: Saturday 16 April, 9.45am registration for 10am start
How Much: $280 per person plus booking service fee (fully catered with morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea). Book tickets here:
Web: Find out more at


Molly McLaughlin

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