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EMILY’s List Oration 2016 with Anne Aly

Calum Stenning

The fight for gender equality has many faces and is waged on many fronts.

EMILY’s List Australia takes on just one of these roles, and you can hear about their mission at an upcoming event here in Canberra.

EMILY promotes women in Australian politics. Its philosophy is that female politicians will be more likely to succeed if they receive political and economic empowerment and support from the start of their campaign. Founded in 1996, EMILY has supported 420 campaigns; of these, 210 resulted in women being elected to office. Members of the organisation include many ‘firsts’ in Australian state, territory, and federal politics, including Julia Gillard—Australia’s first female prime minister—and Anne Aly.

“EMILY’s List has been around for 20 years” says National Coordinator Lisa Carey. “We’re changing the face of the parliament in Australia. It’s a financial, political and personal support network for women.”

Anne Aly was recently elected as a member of parliament for Cowan, in Western Australia. She holds a Bachelor of Arts, a Graduate Diploma and a Master’s degree. After achieving her PhD at Edith Cowan University in Perth, Aly went on to lecture in counter-terrorism—among numerous other pursuits—before transitioning into politics. She is now the first women member of parliament of Muslim faith.

At such a divisive time in Australian politics, Aly’s faith is bound to raise tensions, especially beside other MPs—Pauline Hanson, for instance. Yet Aly takes this political climate in her stride.

‘This is a critical time in Australia’s political history…a time when our only chance to move forward as a nation is to come together, regardless of where we sit on the political spectrum, in mutual respect and with a common goal of serving our nation.’

Aly is presenting the EMILY’s List 2016 Oration on Wednesday 23 November in Woden. “The orations raise funds, and we raise a bit of awareness about some of our fabulous women and their life stories” says Lisa.

The event is ticketed, and bookings can be made online. See the details below.

the essentials

Location: The Woden Tradies at the corner of Furzer and Launceston Streets.
Time: Arrive by 7.00pm; event begins at 7.30 pm
Tickets: $50 for non-EMILY members, $40 for members. Purchase them here.
Tickets include a selection of canapes. Drinks will be available for purchase at the venue.

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