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Future Fix: Netflix and podcasts

Ashleigh Went

A look into the future provides a brief yet captivating escape from the present.

Here are our favourite futuristic Netflix and podcasts picks.


Occasionally uplifting, but mostly depressing, Black Mirror takes 
an often-dim peek into the future
 of modern society. Now three seasons in, each episode features a new, self-contained story with a satirical, dark and commonly confronting take on the consequences of social media and technology. Despite its pessimistic outlook, it makes for addictive watching.


Mike Gillil and Euvie Ivanova 
host this Podcast which examines 
the trajectory of technology and issues that impact the future including spirituality, philosophy, future societies and artificial intelligence. Each episode features a guest expert as they discuss and speculate on what our collective future holds.

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This is essentially a show about
 time travel, but not how you know 
it. Citizens from the future discover a way to implant their consciousness 
into modern day ‘hosts’ moments before their death—with the intention of saving the human race from disaster.

These citizens carry out missions 
while attempting to maintain the pre-existing life of their host, creating a juxtaposition of individual tribulations with societal collapse.


This podcast comes courtesy of ABC Radio National and discusses trends and technology and how they affect our society. The show attempts, through sharing various perspectives and discussions, to answer questions like ‘could a 24-hour economy improve your quality of life?’, ‘Could you be sued for your tattoo?’ and ‘is happiness vastly overrated?’.

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