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How to Connect and Participate

Georgia Mackay

“The Connect and Participate Expo is an excellent idea and an excellent day, a real eye-opener for anyone thinking Canberra might be a boring place to live!”

The Connect and Participate (CAP) Expo is a community event that showcases the range of opportunities available for Canberrans to join groups and build social connections around common interests here in the Capital.

“People say ‘there’s not much to do in Canberra’ and ‘it’s hard to make friends/meet people,” says Anna Lyon from the CAP Expo. “We want to let as many Canberrans know about this event, particularly those who may be new to Canberra, so they can find out about all the groups and clubs we have on offer here.”

The CAP Expo is in its third year and is expected to be bigger and better than ever. The Expo is a free event and will showcase over 160 social groups and clubs from across Canberra, with groups for all ages and abilities. The day will include fun packed ‘come-and-try’ activities, performances, food stalls and more… and if trying isn’t your thing you can simply talk with personnel from the wide variety of groups.

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Research shows that participating in the community and connecting with others is essential for good health and wellbeing, however, even if people are interested in joining a group for recreation, it can be difficult to know what options are available and know if they have an interest in a particular activity if they have no experience of it.

The CAP Expo ‘does the work’ for people who would like to know more, and get started on a plan to participate and connect with others for enjoyment.

The Expo has something for everyone including, choirs, BMX riders, martial arts, ukulele players, art and craft groups, dance clubs, walkers, environmentalists, poets, writers, quilters, model car racers and more. There will also be four stages with performances running throughout the day, including, Canberra Opera, Taoist Tai Chi, Toby Halligan Comedy, ACT Fencing, The Gospel Folk Choir and many more.

As Canberra grows, it can be a daunting task to investigate all the options available. The CAP Expo allows Canberrans to make informed decisions about groups they’d like to get involved with, and provides them with immediate contacts and details about the group’s requirements as well as the benefits of joining up.

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What: The Connect and Participate Expo
Where: Old Bus Depot Markets, 21 Wentworth Avenue, Kingston
When: Saturday 19 March from 11am-4pm

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