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Monopolise Canberra

Calum Stenning

Kings Avenue. Flinders Way. Smith Street. What do these all have in common? They’ve all been on Monopoly boards (sorry, didn’t give you time to guess).

Now, the moment we’ve all been waiting for is here. A new Australian edition Monopoly board is in the works, and you, the adoring public, have the opportunity to vote for the properties you want to see on the latest Australian edition of the beloved board game.

Voting opened the morning of 1 November, and towards the late afternoon, New South Wales were leading the charge for the ‘blue’ addresses. For those of you not up on your Monopoly properties, the blue squares are the most highly sought after. The Australian Capital Territory is currently in eighth. That is to say, the ACT is currently on track to have its contributions to the new Australian edition of Monopoly board be the ‘brown’, and least prestigious addresses. The cheap ones. The gimme’s.

Does this majestic vista look worthy of a brown tile? No, it doesn't.

Does this majestic vista look worthy of a brown tile? No, it doesn’t.

Will we, as proud residents of our great nation’s capital stand for this?

I don’t think we should. I don’t think we can…

Much of the rest of the world forgets that it is us, Canberra, and not Melbourne or Sydney who is the capital. If we let our streets be the least valued on the board game of kings and princes, then Melbourne or Sydney might as well be the capital!

This, good people of the ACT, is a call to arms. Or rather, a call to hyperlink.


Our potential listings are the gorgeous Lake Burley Griffin, the austere Australian War Memorial, the vibrant Floriade, the quirky Questacon and, of course, our great city in general – ‘Canberra’.

Put your northside/southside disputes on hold for a moment, and come together, as one territory, to vote our postcodes up the rainbow of value that Monopoly holds so dear.

war memorial

Vote now, proud Canberrans, vote to put our great city in the top spot it deserves.

Voting closes Tuesday 22 November 2016. Vote here now:


Calum Stenning

Calum Stenning is Her Canberra’s newest and most male (read: only) intern. Three years spent living overseas has given him a renewed appreciation for Canberra life. Every day starts with coffee and the Sydney Morning Herald crossword at a favourite coffee haunt, as he is wary of the perils of dementia, and thinks crosswords are a viable safeguard. If he lives to a dementia-appropriate age (evidence says he won’t), he’ll let us know. More about the Author

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