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Triple your trivia for three great causes

HerCanberra Team

In which sea would you find the Seychelles Islands?

A: The Atlantic Ocean

B: The Indian Ocean

C: I don’t sea the point in this?*

If you were thrilled by that chance to flex your trivia muscles then you’re in for a treat. Not one, not two, but three trivia nights are happening across Canberra soon and they’re all for amazing causes that support our community.

If you’re a trivia fanatic, why not divert from weekly pub trivia and head to one or two of these great events instead? Your money will be going straight to great causes from within our community and you’re sure to have a blast.


If the 1970’s, trivia, or fun is something that you’re into then on Thursday 4 November there’s an event you need to be at. Menslink’s 70’s Big Night Out is that event.

In world that consistently allows narcissistic, egotistical men into the limelight, any opportunity to provide developing youngsters better role models should be grasped and clung to, like Leo to that door (just move over, Rose!) or like Donald Trump to the idea of being the leader of the free world (yes, that really is still happening. No, I don’t know how to make it stop).

Hosted by comedian Tom Gibson, you can look forward to an abundance of entertainment, including music from Smooth Ops, at the Big Night Out and an incredible list of auction items – how does a VW Amarok sound? How about a magnum of Clonakilla Shiraz Voigner?

Menslink provides support for families, schools and organisations in Canberra, including mentoring and counselling. But the wheels of charity don’t turn unless pushed, and events like the 70’s Big Night Out provide that push.

the essentials

What: Menslink 70’s Big Night Out
When: Friday 4 November
Where: Southern Cross Club, Woden

By Calum Stenning

A sweet evening with CanTeen

Most of us have either known somebody who has fought cancer, or have battled it ourselves.

For those who have experienced the devastating effects of it, they will probably say that support is one of the most important things they can receive.

CanTeen is one organisation that can provide such support. CanTeen supports young people as they deal with cancer themselves, or with the impacts it is having on their lives and families. CanTeen will be holding a trivia night on 9 November, to raise funds for the crucial work they do. The theme is ‘licorice allsorts’, and guests can get into the spirit by dressing up in bright, licorice allsort-inspired clothes while they play.

One young leader helping to organise the trivia night is Chantelle, who has a moving story of her own. Chantelle joined CanTeen in 2012 when her father was diagnosed with brain cancer.

“The first thing I was told was that his life expectancy was 1-5 years and I always believed he was going to live longer, but that wasn’t the case.

“After finding out and talking about what could be done, Dad started his journey. He had his first surgery in April of 2012, after that he started radiotherapy, then he had chemotherapy.

In June of 2013 Dad became really ill again, he couldn’t balance properly so he went back to hospital and they found [the tumor] had grown bigger and was more aggressive, [so] he had his second surgery.

“He was looking a bit better a few days after it, and then one day his body stopped him from walking and talking. He was like this for 9 months until he passed away on May 18 2014”.

Once during her father’s treatment, Chantelle’s mother brought home a CanTeen brochure, and she says it seemed like just the thing she needed.

“I remember looking and reading it and I thought straight away that it was for me.

“No young person should fight cancer alone, so if you are, join CanTeen. It is great…I love it so much, [I] don’t know where I would be without it.”

the essentials

What: CanTeen Liquorice All Sorts Trivia Night
When: Wednesday 9 November
Where: Hellenic Club Woden
Tickets: Tickets are $30 per person or $300 per table
For more information and to book tickets, visit

By Helena Game


The extremely talented Canberra Youth Theatre are soon to be en route to Sydney with their production of The Verbatim Project.

First performed in July 2016, the production was a raging success evident in a sold out season and amazing reviews. The performers were teenagers and also members of the over 65 GOLD troupe – drawing on the cast’s stories, experiences and pressures during different parts of their lives with the underlying question, “are these two age groups really that different from each other?”. 

While they are supported strongly by the Australian Theatre for Young People, in order to make this exciting Sydney trip happen they are looking to raise some funds that will go towards their 2017 Artistic Program.

They will be hosting a fundraising trivia night on Friday 4 November, giving us a chance for to show off our knowledge and support. It will be held at Gorman’s Main Hall at Gorman Art Centre in Braddon. The doors will open at 6.30pm with the quiz starting at 7pm, finishing up around 9.30pm. Gather up a table of eight, or buy an individual ticket as two tables are set aside from the solo trivia goers!

The tickets are selling fast with some tables already full – so don’t put off buying yours. Pay individually by being the first to put your name down on a table and let the rest of the team know which number to book their ticket under.

Tickets are only $20 and you’ll also go into the draw to win a free semester at any workshop at the Canberra Youth Theatre. The food is BYO so your table can eat much as you please – with the option to buy drinks at the venue.

It’s not just trivia, but a night of games, raffles and prizes. It’s a fabulous way to show your support for local talent, as well as having a fun night out for yourself.

the essentials

What: The Canberra Youth Theatre Fundraising Trivia Night
When: Friday 4 November from 6.30pm until 9.30pm
Where: Gorman’s Main Hall at Gorman Art Centre
Tickets: $20
Find more information and purchase tickets here:

by Elisabeth Sander O’Hearn

*The Seychelles are in B) The Indian Ocean, though we would accept “c” too, because really, puns are always the winner.

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