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Do UC what I see: creative graduates work on show

Calum Stenning

For many budding creatives, the opportunity to have your vision presented to a willing and engaged audience should always to be capitalised on.

And, for lovers of design, this same opportunity presents a chance to get to know the next generation of Canberra creatives. This month for the second year, students from the entire University of Canberra Faculty of Art and Design will present work ranging from digital media design to writers, architects, and many more at the University of Canberra Graduate Exhibition on Thursday 23 November.

For the University, it will be a chance to bring together all graduates regardless of medium for a celebratory exhibition that introduces Canberra’s newly minted talent.

“It’s an opportunity for a versatile group of students from the disciplines of Creative and Cultural Practice, Built Environment and Design, and Communication and Media to come together to showcase their skills and connect with the Canberra community,” explains Elizabeth Flora, the student leader for the graphic design students for the exhibition.

UC Creatives Exhibition

As Elizabeth explains, the exhibition forms part of the DESIGN Canberra 2017 program and is a great way to explore the grassroots end of the local design spectrum.

“This exhibition is going to be a jam-packed night with graphic design, industrial design, architecture, creative writing, cultural heritage, the list is endless! As a part of the DESIGN Canberra festival, it’s a really fantastic opportunity for students, most who are graduating, to present themselves as professionals and network with future employers, clients, university faculty and other students.”

This year, the exhibition theme is ‘Imagine’, which seems fitting.

“The imagination creates beauty from a blank canvas, a concept exploding from a spark of inspiration. Whether that be an image, a word, a sound, or a feeling, the imagination triggers a thoughts that had the potential to be something new, exciting and innovative,” says Sarah McInnes, the graphic designer who designed the Imagine branding. “’Imagine’, represents this journey and their process of creative thinking. An evening bursting with the skills they have developed through their studies as they take a step into the creative industry and towards their professional pathways.”

This is the second year the exhibition will feature work from the whole of the Art and Design faculty and the success of last year has, if anything, only propelled students to work harder at their craft, and present more evolved and original ideas.

“Last year was a fantastic success,” says Elizabeth. “The hard work put in by all of the students, their sponsors and supporting faculty staff meant that every visitor who walked through the door was stunned and intrigued by every piece, every story and every student’s journey. This year is different and bigger, much bigger. Two floors of the refectory will be open, with more students and more disciplines. We have all picked up our A-game and want this event to be the talk of the town.”

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As student leader for the graphic design cohort, Elizabeth admits she may carry a little favourable bias for that particular crowd, but is equally excited for the work presented by the other disciplines.

“Each discipline will have their own area that they are making unique and engaging, each piece of work carefully chosen to represent their journey through their degree. Each area will be demonstrating the endless possibilities of Canberra’s future designers, authors, film producers, web designers, international experts, creators, researchers, professionals, the possibilities are endless. It’s going to be an exciting night, not only for current students but also any future UC students.”

The UC Arts and Design Faculty Graduate Exhibition is a glimpse into what the future might look like, and how it might work. The faculty works to graduate alumni that have their own ideas, their own visions, and hopefully, their own innovation. And there’s only one place to see it now.

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What: UC Graduate Exhibition: Imagine 2017
When: Thursday 23 November from 6-9pm
Where: The Refectory, Building 1, University of Canberra
Cost: Free and no registration required
More information:

HerCanberra is a proud sponsor of the UC Graduate Exhibition: Imagine 2017


Calum Stenning

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