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Don’t ever want to take your uggs off? You don’t have to!

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The RUC in Turner has tapped into the pain of Canberrans who refuse to leave the house in winter.

In very savvy move, they’ve decided to bend their ‘no shoes on the greens’ rule for one very special shoe – the humble ugg.

We’ve all been there. A text comes through from a friend suggesting a weekend activity outside in the winter sunshine. You look down from your phone to where your feet are happily ensconced in your fluffy ugg boots and go to type ‘Sorry, have to clean the house today :(‘.

But now you don’t have to pretend to have housework! You can just pop into the car and swan onto the greens as you are.

RUC UggBowls3 LOW[1]

The RUC’s BBBB Sundays are all about Bowls., Burgers, Beers and Bubbles (and now Ugg Boots!). $30 will get you bowls, a burger and a beer or glass of bubbles.

This Sunday 27 August will be the final Sunday for BBBB + ugg boots so get excited! Plus they’ve got outdoor braziers to keep you extra warm if it’s particularly chilly. 

BYO ugg boots!

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Nope, this isn’t a sponsored post. We just think this is a really cool idea. 


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