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Life through the eyes of Muslim women

Laura Peppas

A new exhibition aims to capture the diversity of the lives of Muslim women – and challenge stereotypes – in the wake of tragic terrorist attacks.

Walk in my Shoes: Stories from Muslim Women, is a collection of digital stories from eight Muslim women which provide insight into their lives and experiences living in Canberra.

Minister for Women Yvette Berry says the women’s stories help us to better understand the diversity of people living in our community and to challenge misconceptions and stereotypes.

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Photo by Elza Elmira

“With the recent tragic terrorist attacks in France, it is important to capture the richness and diversity of the lives of Muslim people and to challenge the misconceptions that persist in the community,” she says.

“These highly personal accounts allow us direct access into the lives of a group of Muslim women living in Canberra and how their experiences, like all Canberrans are multifaceted.”

In the exhibition, one woman describes the impact of wearing the hijab and how it can lead to misconceptions and judgement. She also describes how the hijab can be a conversation starter, leading to increased connection.

Another woman describes her journey to overcome a sense of isolation and lack of connection with neighbours and community after the death of her brother, by building a neighbourhood network.

The women worked with an experienced team of artists (an artistic director, a photographer and a filmmaker) through a process that was professional, respectful and culturally appropriate.

The project was funded by an ACT Government 2014-15 Participation (Women’s) Grant.

The digital stories can be viewed at 


Laura Peppas

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