CBR Trails: The Barhopper’s Itinerary

Beatrice Smith

Spend a night sampling the Canberra bar scene from speakeasies to craft breweries, greasy burgers to 90s R’n’B and everything in between.

5pm Begin in Braddon

Deconstructed G&Ts are just the beginning at this boutique bar. Delicious bar snacks and a cracking cocktail list make this a great place to start your night.

Tipsy Bull |⅖ Lonsdale Street, Braddon | tipsybull.com.au

6pm Hop over to Hopscotch

Image via instagram.com/hopscotch05/

Image via instagram.com/hopscotch05/

Take a seat in Hopscotch’s huge outdoor area under the striped umbrellas. Keep an eye out for the super-sized board games that are free to play, like ring toss and giant Connect Four — great for meeting people or breaking the ice at the start of the night.

 Hopscotch | 5 Lonsdale Street, Braddon | hopscotchbar.com.au

7pm Get Greasy

Image via instagram.com/beatricealisonsmith/

Image via instagram.com/beatricealisonsmith/

Grease Monkey is the antithesis of the kale-and-salmon movement that’s taking over the rest of Lonsdale Street. We recommend ‘The Greasy’ and whatever milkshake they’re making that day. They also have a really cool selection of craft beers (like Pabst Blue Ribbon, the VB of America) and will whip up a cocktail for you if you ask nicely.

Grease Monkey | 19 Lonsdale Street, Braddon | greasys.com.au

8pm Tequila time

Image via instagram.com/honkytonks_cbr/

Image via instagram.com/honkytonks_cbr/

Try and get a spot within earshot of the DJ at Honkytonks or spread your group out on one of the padded benches along the walls. Take a moment to look around the walls themselves at the art on display, Honkytonks is famous for supporting local Canberra artists.

Order a jug of white or red sangria and share it around, it’s inexpensive, delicious and easy for everyone to buy a round.

Honkytonks | Garema Place, Canberra City | drinkhonkytonks.com.au 

9pm the bar next door

Image via instagram.com/hippoco_cbr/

Image via instagram.com/hippoco_cbr/

Hippo Co. is all kinds of dusky, sexy and intimate. They’re famous for their jazz nights and whiskey but we love their cocktails so much we asked Hippo Co. Bartenders Daniel Skeehan and Cameron Bray to help us design our very own cocktail – The HerCanberra (see recipe below). We can also highly recommend the Snow Drop or the Limewire.

Hippo Co. | Garema Place, Canberra City | hippoco.com.au

10pm Dance the knight away

Image via instagram.com/knightsbridgeph/

Image via instagram.com/knightsbridgeph/

Knightsbridge is one of the most popular late-night destinations on the Northside with an interesting crowd of older university students, Braddon hospitality workers and young professionals.

It’s perfect for those who have outgrown clubbing but still appreciate an optional dance floor, with 90s RnB the go-to vibe.

Knightsbridge Penthouse | 34 Mort Street, Braddon | knightsbridgepenthouse.com.au

Create your own cocktail experience…

We asked Hippo Co. to create a bespoke cocktail for HerCanberra. This is what they delivered…

The HerCanberra by Hippo Co.


How to make it

Poor Toms gin           30ml
Creme De Mure         15ml
Fresh Lemon juice     30ml
Sugar syrup               15ml
1 dash of egg white
1 muddled strawberry

Muddle all ingredients in a cocktail shaker and strain through ice into an old-fashioned champagne glass. Serve with a fresh strawberry garnish.



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