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Dinner inspiration: Three winter warming recipes

Chrissy Dupé

When it’s cold and dreary outside, there’s nothing better than being rugged up in your uggs, hugging a warm bowl of deliciousness. And let’s face it, Netflix ain’t gonna watch itself!

Here are three of the best winter dinner recipes from Little food blog to warm your bones and get you through the week.

Week night chicken and caramelised leek pot pies



These scrumptious pots of goodness are quick, easy and delicious. The caramelised leek adds a lovely sweetness, and if you make the filling ahead of time all you have to do is assemble them, throw them into the oven and bingo! Dinner’s on the table in 15 minutes. Discover the recipe here.

Mini moussakas: the ultimate comfort food

mini moussaka pots

Winter really is comfort food’s time to shine, and the cheese factor on these bad boys is out of control. That, combined with the rich, tomatoey lamb mince, silky eggplant and creamy béchamel sauce = life complete. I dare you to try to stop at one. Discover the recipe here.

Lazy Sunday pork buns


Starring the king of the meats, this Sunday afternoon special will make your tastebuds do an air-punch, with it’s juicy pork belly, fresh cucumber, hoisin, mayo, pillowy bao buns and crispy crackling. Just pop your pork in the oven and get pottering. And remember to follow little food blog’s top five tips for for the perfect crackling! Discover the recipe here.


Chrissy Dupé

Chrissy is a lover of lists and a self-confessed control freak. Her mission is to help other women with a strong need to be in control learn how to harness the power of their inner control freak and use it for good. Having lived through the devastation that being control freak without focus brings, and going out the other side stronger, Chrissy developed a series of hands-on, zero 'fluff' programs to help women control their freak, instead of letting it run them into the ground. Her philosophy is based on the little-known fact that control freaks are actually born for greatness... and that without them, the world would fall into disorganised chaos. You can find out more at www.controlyourfreak.com. More about the Author

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