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What to eat at the 2018 Multicultural Festival this weekend

Tessa Domzalski

Travel the world in a single day. 

The National Multicultural Festival is back this weekend and it’s bigger than ever. With your choice of food from all over the globe, it’s going to be tough to decide on what to eat and where to go.

In order to make things a bit easier for you, we’ve compiled a list of the things you simply cannot miss this weekend.

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Gelato served from a limo.

Yes, you heard me correctly. Just line up behind the velvet rope and choose your scoops from Limogela’s authentic selection.

Berlin Bangers

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The only thing you need to know about Berlin Bangers is that they received 68 medals at the Royal Easter Show (according to their Facebook page, anyway).

Head along and decide for yourself!


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Two words: Waffle.Land. We’re talking freshly made waffles with Nutella, fresh strawberries, ice cream, cream and marshmallows. Drooling yet?


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Roleee is kinda like an Indian burritos: you pick your filling, chutney and salad and away you go.

From the tamer end of the spectrum – Chicken: subtly spiced chicken, mint coriander chutney, lentils and green apple; to the more adventurous, rustic and spicy Goat or homemade paneer.



Hailing from Greece, loukoumades are bites of deep-fried dough smothered in honey. Some even douse them with cinnamon sugar. Donuts… who?

Sri Lankan Hoppers

sri lankan egg hopper

Hoppers, also known as appam, are a popular and versatile ‘pancake with a  unique flavour from coconut and the slightly sour fermenting process. Described as the love child of a crepe and a crumpet, these Sri Lankan bowl-shaped pancakes shouldn’t be missed.



Take your tastebuds on a trip to Ecuador with these vegetarian Llapingachos – potato cakes, stuffed with cheese, cooked until crispy brown and served with peanut sauce. Noms.




Not just any old dumplings. One of the best parts about the Multicultural Festival is the variety. You’ll be able to try these little babies from almost every part of the world. There are Polish pierogies, Chinese dumplings, Japanese gyoza, and even Nepalese momos. The only question is: which are the best? Better try them all.

Paella and Pilaf


Ok, technically they’re two rice dishes, but equally delicious.

Paella is a classic rice dish that will leave you feeling like you’re in the heart of Spain. Traditionally cooked in a gigantic pan (a paellera), paella is made up of a variety of meats, seafood and/or vegetables.

Another rice dish is the flavourful Iranian pilaf. The meat is cooked until it’s tender and tossed with a variety of Middle Eastern spices (including dried lime!). This meal is sure to give you a food experience unlike any other.


Image: Flickr/Kevin Tao

Image: Flickr/Kevin Tao

This refreshing Ecuadorian dish is going to leave you wanting more and more. The combination of seafood and citrus results in a tart and tangy flavour that will knock your socks off. It’s the perfect way to beat the summer heat!



These portable steamed buns are the perfect thing for someone looking to make their way around the Festival without the hassle of a difficult dish. You’ll be able to choose between pork belly (the classic), fried chicken, or tofu — but you could always get one of each.

Coconut Cocktails

Cocktail coconut in front of white background

In this heat, you’re going to need some hydrating, and if you’re searching for a booze-y treat with a tropical twist, look no further. Dozens of food stalls are using hollowed out coconuts as “glassware” and serving up fun cocktails. If coconuts aren’t your thing, why don’t you try the pineapples instead?



This Hungarian dish will make you throw your diet to the wind. It’s a sheet of deep-fried dough that is topped with garlic, butter and cheese. It’s a savoury sensation that you won’t be able to stop thinking about.

the essentials

What: Multicultural Festival
Where: Canberra City
When: 16 – 18 February 2018
Cost: Free
Web: For more information on ACTION bus timetables:
For more information on the festival:
Map of the festival:


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    Do you know if there will be anything vegan at the Multi Culti? 🙂

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