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Seven must-eats at the World Curry Festival

Ashleigh Went

Love curry? Here are my picks of ‘must visit’ stalls at The World Curry Festival in the City this weekend!

As someone who grew up in India, I’m a firm believer that curry is seriously underrated. Don’t get me wrong – I’ve enjoyed Mexican cuisine, Southern American soul food, burgers, pork buns, dumplings and donuts, they’ve all had their various times under the spotlight. Nonetheless, I think it’s time we gave curry its day in the sun, and it would appear that the rest of Canberra is with me!

The World Curry Festival in the City is coming to Canberra this weekend, and it’s the prime time for us to celebrate all things hot and spicy. With a huge array of stall holders offering curries from India, Thailand, Ethiopia, Turkey, the Philippines and more, it has something for everyone – from the mild and meek to the chilli aficionados.

Here are my selection of ‘must visit’ stalls…

Indian Affair

Growing up, we were often treated to the most incredible Palak Paneer – a vegetarian spinach curry with paneer (a kind of Indian cottage cheese). It’s not often that you spot it on a menu in Canberra, but this dish is a vegetarian speciality of Indian Affair. They’ll be accompanying their home cooked style curries with warm chai tea to soothe your winter chill.

Bentspoke Brewery

Bentspoke is one of Canberra’s most-loved breweries and for the Curry Festival they’re making a special Curried Beer and Spiced Cider. Intrigued? I certainly am – definitely a must-try for the festival.

Le Petite Breton French Crepes

Confused? So was I. I love the salted caramel and Nutella crepes from this sweet little van, so I was very excited to hear they’re creating a curried vegetable and coconut crepe for the festival, alongside their usual line up of sweet and savoury crepes.

Burra Berkshire

Another unexpected listing – Burra Berkshire make the most divine, creamy crème brulees. They’ve put a spicy twist on flavours, like Ginger and Lime, Cardamom and Orange, and their classic Vanilla and Yellow Box Honey. Did I mention they’re topped with candied Burra Berkshire pasture bacon or raspberry? YUM!

Global Café

Many a city worker flocks to Global Café for their lunch deals, and for good reason. Their Ethiopian curries are hearty and delicious, and are definitely worth saving some space on your plate for.

Chit Chaat

This is the spot for traditional Indian street food. Their grub is hot, crispy, has creamy yogurt swirls and the flavours tick all the boxes: sweet, sour, tangy, chilli, with hits of tamarind. Get in!

Grump’s Ginger Beer

Ok – so it’s not technically a curry but Grump’s Ginger Beer is the perfect no-alcoholic accompaniment to wash down your curry – and with all that spice, you’ll no doubt be needing it. There’s Original, Blueberry, and Double Shot – which carries a chilli kick of its own.

Tikka Stand

If you love Indian street food experience with a twist, head to Tikka Stand —it may be the only place you’ll find curry served with chips! Their popular ‘Tikka Nest’ (pictured) combines the classic chicken tikka with a bed of seasoned Tikka fries and salad. Traditionalists won’t be disappointed either.

Are you Canberra’s hottest?

If you’re feeling brave, why not join the search for Canberra’s Hottest Citizen by competing in the chilli eating competition! If you’re more chilled than chilli, sit back and enjoy the belly dancers, fashion show and exotic tunes.

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Ashleigh Went

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