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Three Lads Wine: New kids on the block

Elouise Calabria

Just when you thought the Canberra wine region couldn’t get any better, a new bunch of lads start making their own wine, and rumour has it that it’s pretty good…

Three Lads Wine will officially launch this Wednesday 7 October but the adventure has been a few years in the making with the three lads, Luke McGaghey, Aaron Harper and Bill Crowe, fortuitously meeting at the Murrumbateman Moving Feast in 2012.

Bill Crowe is the winemaker for Four Winds Vineyard who became friends with Luke and Aaron after they told him about their growing passion for all things wine and their interest in wine making.


Luke McGaghey


Bill suggested they put their skills together and in 2013 the Three Lads wine label was born with the production of an outstanding Shiraz. Since then, they have produced a 2014 Sangiovese and Shiraz, and a 2015 Rose and Riesling.

Aaron and Luke both work in professional industries with Aaron in finance and Luke a Risk Advisor, something that “has come in very handy when setting up a wine business,” he said.

Their passion for wine started at a young age but they got serious a few years ago when Aaron won an online wine auction (he went five times over his budget, but he’s sure it was worth it…) and he decided to share a few of his winning bottles with Luke. The boys discovered that you don’t need to be old to enjoy good wine – Luke also thinks Aaron is walking proof that you don’t need sophistication either!

Bill Crowe

Bill Crowe

So it seems that Three Lads is wine without the faff, just the way I like it. As a professional winemaker, Bill has mentored Aaron and Luke through the winemaking process and the boys now do all the winemaking work, with Bill there to ensure they don’t do anything too stupid at the winery. Apparently there have been a few accidents but no one is saying anything…

I love trying new wine and a bottle that has a good story behind just makes it even more interesting. Three Lads wine has been born from a love and excitement for wine and I wish the boys all the best in their new venture. I can’t wait to try a glass or two!

Aaron Harper

Aaron Harper

Wine will be available to purchase from 8 October 2015 at and will launch at Pulp Kitchen in Ainslie October 7.


Elouise Calabria

Elouise Calabria grew up on a vineyard in Griffith and, together with her husband Scott, recently begun Vines & Wines - a wine appreciation and tours business. You can contact Elouise at [email protected] or check out the website at More about the Author

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