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A miracle for baby May

Beatrice Smith

For most parents, the first few weeks after the birth of a child is a hazy blur of cuddles, love and learning.

This is the reality for Canberrans Lauren and Chris, but not in the same way as many other parents. Their daughter May was born on 10 July and is not as healthy as her family hoped.

May was rushed to NICU a short time after birth with major respiratory problems. While she was there the doctors noticed May suffering from seizures.

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Without delay May was hooked up to many machines and was put on high doses of medication to suppress these seizures and was sedated for many days. A MRI was done of her tiny brain and Lauren and Chris learned that May has severe brain damage from a lack of oxygen affecting the cortex of her brain.

After many tears, Chris and Lauren decided they wanted their baby girl to be weaned off the medication and let her go in peace.

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May and Aida

They organised a naming ceremony for their daughter and had all their family attend. May enjoyed her first bath with her big sister Aida helping, they read stories, played music and enjoyed lots of cuddles. And then they slowly turned the medication down. The first night was the scariest thing a mum could ever endure, seeing May seize and gasp for breath. But she made it through. She survived.

Baby May is now almost a month old, and her family don’t know how long they will have with her. It may be 10 weeks, 10 months or 10 years.

The next few weeks are going to be the most difficult and confronting time as Lauren, Chris and Aida will be adjusting to their new life. May will be severely impaired and will have major disabilities. She is being fed through a tube, she will never say mum and she could possibly be confined to a wheelchair and need high support care for the rest of her life.

Chris, Lauren and May

Chris, Lauren and May

But there’s a way you can help.

Chris and Lauren’s close knit community has rallied for May and organised an Instagram acution, to give a hope for May’s future and ongoing care.

There are some wonderful items on offer, from kids toys to clothing, gifts to pamper products. To see the full auction, go to @amiracleformay. Canberrans are amazing at supporting their local community, and while Lauren and Chris’ family aren’t the first to experience this journey, they are a family who needs support right now.

You can read a more about May’s story here:


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