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New Year’s resolutions: less consumption, more understanding and control

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Usually, New Year’s resolutions include drinking more water, travelling and exercising more often and working less.

But this year have you considered a spot for energy consumption on your 2018 New Year resolutions list?

Placing one of these tips on your list can help reduce your electricity consumption to achieve more understanding and control.

Be mindful

On your phone, while using your laptop, boiling the kettle to make tea and have a load of washing on? It’s easy to forget how many appliances you have running at the same time, but by being mindful of what you’re powering at any one time, it can help you better manage and understand your energy costs.

Reach for the stars

Energy star ratings help you choose the most efficient appliances but every few years star ratings get upgraded. Put simply, an appliance that had a four-star rating five years ago is no longer considered that star rating by today’s standards.

For more in-depth and helpful info about understanding start rating check out Canstar Blue’s helpful guide.

1,000 kilowatts per hour (kWh)

Take notice of the kWh on your appliances. A kWh tells you how much energy your appliance consumes. On average in Canberra one kWh costs about 22 cents (excluding supply charges), so if your appliances uses 500 kWhs over the course of a year it will cost you around $200.

Invest in necessity over statement pieces

Each year we ‘invest’ in a statement bag, scarf or coat… but what about your washer, kettle, dryer or microwave? Consider upgrading your appliances and you will continue to see benefits across all seasons.

For more information about energy saving tips see:

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