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Fitness Roadtest: Deluxe Personal Training

Amanda Whitley

Since HerCanberra started, we’ve brought you a series of fitness ‘roadtests’, designed to give you a real woman’s view of different fitness activities and businesses. We’ve tried everything from aerial silks to anti-gravity yogakarate to kongaboxing to zumba and more! Today, Martina Hughes takes Deluxe Personal Training through their paces, and discovers that fitness doesn’t need to involve being yelled at and pushing yourself til you puke…

Very early on a cold, foggy, wintery morning, I rugged up and headed to the inner south to meet up with Matthew Quixley at Deluxe Personal Training. It was well worth the early morning wakeup call!


A well known name in the Australian fitness industry, and winner of Fitness Australia’s ACT Exercise Professional of The Year, Matthew has recently opened his own business in the beautiful suburb of Yarralumla. Having worked in the field for five years, he is using his knowledge and experience to offer people information and support to make positive and life-long changes.


“I don’t want to offer a service that just takes your money and relies on you continuing to pay a membership, but not actually using the service or facilities,” says Matthew.

“For me, it’s genuinely about helping people in their decision to be a fitter and healthier person.”


Personal Training (PT) has experienced a boom in recent years, and that’s because people have discovered the benefits of exercising one-on-one, or with a friend, and a trainer. The advantages of this approach are that you get an approach that is professionally tailored to your needs, and geared towards helping you reach your health and fitness goals – whatever they may be.

To give me a taste of the Deluxe experience, Matthew me down and took me through the usual introductory process for a new client.

If you’re not into big shiny gyms and would rather stick pins in your eyes than sweat in front of a room full of fitness buffs, a private studio like Deluxe Personal Training is perfect for you. It’s an intimate studio, equipped with fixed and free weights, cardio machines and equipment to work your core; and is nestled amongst Yarralumla’s coffee shops (perfect for grabbing a post-workout skim latte!)

Forget what you see on The Biggest Loser – personal training doesn’t have to be about people screaming at you to run faster or lift more weight…rather, it’s about working with you to achieve your goals. It’s about making you accountable and supporting you throughout the process with expert knowledge and advice.


Matthew explains that, before a client even goes near a treadmill, it’s the brain that gets a real workout. They’re challenged to set goals, assess their current situation (mental and physical) and learn about the three key elements to making changes to their health and fitness: Rest (yes, rest!), Exercise and Nutrition.

As many of you will know, weight loss and fitness is so much more than simply ‘cutting out junk food and starting to exercise’. If it was that easy, everyone would just do it.


One of the most important things to define when making any kind of life changes is what you really want and why you want it.  While some of us may have already thought about these things before embarking on a health and fitness regime, don’t worry if you haven’t, as Matthew works through these steps with you. We talked about what obstacles have stopped me from achieving my goals in the past (and, trust me, I have all the reasons in the world….life gets busy, kids, study and work commitments, reading a good book etc!)

I was also very honest and told Matthew that I am an awesome procrastinator and can be a bit lazy…and while I was expecting a reprimand, I didn’t get one!  Matthew replied that this was just a challenge for him to ensure the workouts would be varied and interesting! Fessing up about my laziness may just pay off after all…

Rather than just being about sweating it out in the gym, the personal training experience ensures you’re treating yourself right, eating well and challenges you to be accountable through the use of individualised exercise programs and nutritional plans.


To kick off, we went through a warm up, and then moved into a basic exercise program, which included: a short stationary bike ride, standing pushing ups, free arm weights, sit ups on a fit ball and short interval training on a rowing machine.

The best part? Although I felt motivated and urged on to do my best, Mat didn’t even come close to raising his voice and had a really encouraging style. At the end of my session, I was well and truly spent, and felt I’d earned my assisted stretch at the end. As great as stretching on your own can be, having a trainer assist you stretch that bit further than you can manage on your own is just bliss. If you haven’t ever had this done before, it’s so worth it!  But you can also DIY – Matthew includes fantastic stretching information sheets with both pictures and word explanations when you sign up for his services so you will never have to second guess yourself again.


So, to the roadtest results. I’ve joined gyms before; I’ve tried just about every weight loss method under the sun. While I start off with enthusiasm, it quickly wanes and gets too boring and too hard to maintain.  But I believe Matthew when he says that he takes responsibility for making it interesting for me. He is easy to talk to, kind and encouraging, but I don’t think he would let me put in anything less than 100% in a training session (I doubt there would be any excuse that I could come up with that he hadn’t heard before!) For me, I need to be accountable, I need to have someone pushing me – and I think Matthew would do that. I think he would also be great for someone who didn’t need the motivation, but wanted to ensure they were using correct technique and getting the most out of their workout.

The verdict? Highly recommended from a lazy procrastinator who now has more enthusiasm to change some not-so-great habits.


Interested in trying the Deluxe Personal Training experience for yourself? Matthew is offering five x 30 minute individual personal training sessions for $249, exclusive to HerCanberra readers. To be eligible, you must mention HerCanberra when you contact Mat – web, email and phone details below!

the essentials

The Place: Deluxe Personal Training
Where: 7/23 Bentham Street Yarralumla
When: 6am-8:30pm, Monday-Friday
Phone: 0433 058 921
Email: [email protected]

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Amanda Whitley

Amanda Whitley is the founder and director of HerCanberra. In her 'spare time', she instructs zumba, loves to cook (and eat), and wrangles two gorgeous little girls. She's done everything from present the tv news to operate a stop and go sign and is passionate about connecting Canberra women. More about the Author

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