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Laura Peppas

When my husband and I bought our new apartment, I remember walking in for the first time and getting a shock – while I loved the space itself, the fancy display furnishings were gone, and our old furniture didn’t quite fit.

We ended up telling ourselves we would upgrade our furniture bit by bit, but eventually it got placed in the “too hard” basket and, begrudgingly, we stuck with what we had.

But what if you had your very own interior designer who could help you plan your new or renovated home before you’ve even moved in?

It’s something Canberra’s SERVICE ONE Alliance Bank is now offering: with any home loans over $150,000, borrowers will receive a complimentary consultation with an expert interior designer.

Borrowers can choose from a range of design packages to suit their needs, including concepts for a new kitchen or bathroom or a creative design for another space, a new home builders consultation, a colour consultation or a plan for the future (to help you visualise how your home can be modified as your needs change).

Image: Bella Vie Interiors

Image: Bella Vie Interiors

Lisa Alward of Bella Vie Interiors, one of the interior designers SERVICE ONE Alliance Bank has partnered with as part of their Designer Home Loan offer, says that while interior design was once thought of as a luxury, more people are utilising these services to save money and time in the long-term by looking at functional requirement.
“I have found there’s an overall need in Canberra for new homes or to renovate existing homes, and most people who are making that investment don’t want furnishings they’re going to have to replace every five years,” says Lisa.

“Our approach is we want people to save money, avoid costly mistakes, and make sure we’re boosting buyer appeal and setting their house above competition, so we’re looking at what’s going to have broad appeal.”

As part of the consultation process, Lisa is able to provide a 3D space plan to show clients how their furniture will be placed to maximise space and practicality.

“With new homes, we can set a comprehensive plan of action into place which shows what their home could look like and gives them an idea of the budget, so if it’s at that purchasing stage they have time to shop around for the best options,” she says.

“We’re able to give that ‘wow’ factor as well because we’re trained to look at spaces, we think outside the box so we’ve got great resources and that enables us to give a more cohesive look. People in Canberra are often time poor too so generally they just say ‘oh I need to bring it all together’, and we’re able to narrow that down for them.”

Image: Bella Vie Interiors.

Image: Bella Vie Interiors.

Rather than looking for the latest trends, Lisa says she draws inspiration from her clients and their needs, whether they be family, retirees or young couples.

“It’s about their personality, their lifestyle, existing pieces, what’s going on in their life; it’s looking at the function and practical approach to what we can do to make life better for a client,” she says.

“I think from SERVICE ONE’s side this is the perfect promotion because it’s putting together two people who really need each other. When you move into a home, you generally don’t have the money to be thinking about going and hiring professional services, so I think this service coming with the home loan is a wonderful benefit.”

For more information on SERVICE ONE Alliance Bank’s Designer Home Loan and terms and conditions, click here: http://www.serviceone.com.au/designer

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