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Too much good news?

Emma Grey

Last week, my business partner Audrey phoned and asked how I was.

I told her I was lying on the floor.

‘Have you put your back out?’ she said.

‘No, I’m just lying on the floor for a while.’

Something had happened that had spun me out of orbit. It’s the most exciting thing to have ever happened to me in my career, and something I’ve wanted since I was a child. (I can’t tell you what it is yet, but will soon!).

This, and another couple of pieces of good news, pushed me beyond ‘happy’ and into ‘can’t think, can’t breathe’.

There’s something about having the floor support you that’s extremely comforting. It’s also good to kick your shoes off and stand outside on the grass. ‘Grounding’ isn’t made-up – it really works. When your head is in the clouds or you’re elated or excited or you’ve stepped up a level or got a promotion or accepted a big move of some sort, it can feel like everything is slightly (or a lot) out of control.

Something else I sometimes do when things go right is go for a walk. Just a quick one, around the block is usually enough to calm down. A cup of tea in a cup and saucer, deep breathing, staring at the sky for a while … it all helps to get your feet back on the ground.

Because once good news has settled, there’s often action that needs to be taken, and we need our wits about us when we’re taking those steps into unknown territory.


Emma Grey

Emma Grey is the Canberra-based author of ‘Wits’ End Before Breakfast! Confessions of a Working Mum’ and ‘Unrequited: Girl Meets Boy Band’. She’s director of the life-balance consultancy, WorkLifeBliss and co-founder of a fresh approach to time-management, My 15 Minutes. She lives just over the ACT border with her two teen daughters and young son. More about the Author