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Poems from Parenthood: Ode to Droplets Yellow

Catherine Prosser


Across the seat, and on the wall,

Wheresoever droplets fall,

These teeny, tiny drips of wee

Proclaim you now stand up to pee.


No nappy, wipes or pull-up pants.

Just that hurried little dance

Which shows to all your mastery

Of that small bladder, now you’re three.


This yellow splash, this joyous spray,

Both through the night and in the day,

Dribbling right across the floor

Continues, still, now you are four.


That noisome, little, night-time treat

I sometimes feel beneath my feet

Remind me still that somehow I’ve

Still got a piddler, though he’s five.


When one finds droplets in the sink,

It’s not surprising that it stinks.

That naughty willy still plays tricks

And makes you miss when you are six.


Urine here and urine there.

Urine, urine, everywhere,

Dry floors are my idea of heaven.

But quite unlikely, though you’re seven.


Threats of death to no avail.

The mess continues, sun or hail.

How much longer must I wait?

Come on, pal! You’re frickin’ eight!


I’m done.  I point you at the mop.

‘This piddling crap has got to stop!’

‘It’s not my fault’, I hear you whine.

But that won’t fly now you are nine.


Although…. I stop.  I sigh.  I frown.

As I push the seat back down.

It’s not that odd you sprinkle pee.

Your dad still does.  He’s forty-three.

Poems from Parenthood is a tongue in cheek series by Canberra writer Catherine Prosser. Read more of the series here


Catherine Prosser

Catherine comes from the often surreal world of live theatre and has worked with many writers and directors in creating and developing original works, including being part of the team which brought Shaun Tan’s fabulous book “The Lost Thing” to the stage.
She now devotes all her energies to writing – working on a children’s novel, children’s TV series “Hoop” and other projects. Catherine is the co-founder of Magenius, a creative writing partnership.
Catherine is the mother of three boys.

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