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Purple Butterflies for Canberra

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The introduction of purple butterfly stickers in Canberra hospitals to signify the loss of multiple births could lead to better levels of care for families.

The Australian Multiple Birth Association (AMBA) today announced the Purple Butterfly initiative – a simple and sensitive way to let others know about the loss of a baby, or babies, from a set of multiples.

In Australia, some 300 babies from a set of multiples passed away in 2014.

AMBA is working with the Skye High Foundation to provide Purple Butterflies to be displayed on infants’ beds while in hospital so that families are given the support and understanding that they need from staff and other parents.


AMBA Chairperson Ali Mountifield said “Purple Butterfly stickers are working well in the UK, where the Skye High Foundation created and rolled out the concept. The Skye High Foundation was named after the twin daughter Millie Smith and Lewis Cann lost just moments after birth. “

“The Purple Butterfly has touched parents not just in Britain, but around the world. It’s a gentle way to let people know that the joy of childbirth has also been tinged with incredible sadness. We’re very proud to be rolling this out in support of Australian families.”

Kingston Hospital in the UK has already adopted the Purple Butterfly, with an additional 126 hospitals so far across the UK, Belgium, the Netherlands, France, the USA looking to do the same. AMBA will be approaching hospitals across Australia to introduce the Purple Butterfly into their NICU units.

HerCanberra encourages hospitals, support organisations and families to discover more by visiting the following resources or requesting a bereavement pack by emailing [email protected].


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