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Rise and Shine for Heart Foundation’s Early Bird Floriade Walks

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Love early morning walks? Ever wished you could see the beauty of Floriade without the crowds? We may have the answer!


Spring mornings are perfect for walking!

Floriade 8 am Early Bird Walks were established in partnership between the Heart Foundation ACT Walking Program and Floriade Management to promote physical activity in a safe, tranquil surrounding where participants have the opportunity to meet others with love walking and the ‘gardens.’ But you don’t have to be a keen gardener to enjoy the walks – they’re for anyone interested in enjoying a leisurely – and free – walk through the Floriade gardens.

The Heart Foundation’s Diane Percy says ‘walkers’ can expect to see beautiful flower beds with no crowds.

“When there are no crowds people can really see the amazing garden designs, and from some vantage points it is quite spectacular,” she says.

“The fitness walk is so much more enjoyable when it is done in such a calm, beautiful location – a fantastic way to start a sometimes very busy day!”

The group walks for around 45 minutes in total, using all of the paths within Floriade, with walkers encouraged to wait until the end of the walk before taking any photos – it’s about being active, after all! And while walk organisers don’t have the ‘intel’ on the garden designs, Diane says that last year the head gardener took time out to chat to the group as it passed – so you never know who you might meet on the walk!


Heart Foundation Floriade Walks allow you to see all the flowers without the crowds!

And that’s one of the attractions, according to Diane – it’s a walk that is suitable for everyone- office workers, young mums, older adults, women’s groups, people in wheelchairs and more.

“It has to be the best way to see Floriade,” she says. “No crowds, and at the same time people get to meet other walkers who are from the ACT, interstate and international visitors, so its often a walk and a talk! And coffee afterwards of course!”

If you’re keen to participate, the walks kick off at 8am every day during Floriade. Meet near the pedestrian lights crossing on Commonwealth Avenue, and look out for the walk organisers will wearing red Heart Foundation shirts, caps or hats. No need to register, just turn up!


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