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Six DIY Baby Shower Ideas

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For some prospective parents, nothing seems more daunting than planning the baby shower.

In some cases, it’s the sister, best friend or mother-in-law that find themselves under pressure to pull off a perfectly themed and accessorised event for the mother-to-be. There shouldn’t be anything stressful about the prospect of celebrating a new arrival, so to take the stress out of the planning, preparation and execution of a baby shower, we’ve put together some simple ideas with the help of End2End Events to make planning a baby shower a breeze!

Baby Showers are certainly changing from what they used to be. Mostly known for small talk with a gathering of women, serving platters of finger food and sandwiches and play engaging in the much over-played baby shower games. Nowadays Baby Showers are being spiced up and are turning out to be entertaining and creative; a time where the mom-to-be and her guests can truly have a relaxed yet fun time!

#1 Gender Reveal Celebrations

A lot of parents-to-be are joining in the latest trend of throwing gender reveal parties to announce the gender of their baby. Generally considered to be an intimate affair with close family and friends present, this is a fun and sweet way to reveal some exciting news! Most couples can be seen announcing the gender by cutting into a cake with pink or blue frosting, but you can get more creative and introduce an entertaining element to the reveal. How about playing a game of piñata which breaks open to reveal blue or pink pieces of lollies? You can even fill a big cardboard box with either pink or blue balloons and once opened the chosen colour of helium-filled balloons fly out!

#2 Backyard BBQ or a Themed Beach Party

Summer is almost here, so why not take the season into consideration and host a Backyard BBQ or even better, a beach party! Have some fun in the sun by organising an Under the Sea theme at the beach. All you need to do is have a pop-up gazebo with a couple of trestle tables under it that you can dress in blue hues inspired by the beach itself, think gold, yellow, white and hints of green and add some seashells for decoration.

This could display your food and dessert buffet. Make some summertime mocktails and theme your party food to conclude. Seafood anyone? Not only is it full of Omega 3s, but it is super healthy too! Dressing in kaftans, shorts and thongs would be loved by all as it adds to the comfort and beachy feel. Don’t forget to layout some foldaway lounge chairs in one colour or a variety of colours around for a more relaxed feel. This theme can definitely be edited to suit a fun pool party where all attendees can jump in the pool after all the games and food!

This type of party also follows the new and popular trend of hosting a Couple’s Shower/Co-ed Baby Shower. The husband, friends and family gather together to celebrate as it is a wonderful way for the expectant parents to share in the fun and celebrations together with their loved ones especially as there may be little time left to socialise after their little one is born!

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#3 Pamper Mama

A lovely way to relax and soothe the nerves of a mum-to-be especially during the last leg of the pregnancy is to have an indulgent pamper party for the expecting mother and her close bunch of friends. Book in an at-home massage specialist who can come to the house itself and give a foot massage to the guest of honour. Trust me, she will love you for this!

Create a spa ambience by lighting some fragrant candles and putting on some soothing music. Also, how about setting up your very own mini Nail Bar for all the ladies to enjoy? Drape some white sheets over a table, sprinkle on some colourful confetti and add some fresh flowers in glass vases for decor. All you need now are some nail creams and hand lotions, a manicure kit and an array of fun nail polishes for everyone to try out. Follow up the pamper party with a classy High Tea all the guests will not only enjoy but truly remember. Lay a table with a wonderful spread of high tea delicacies, a selection of teas and some yummy baked goodies. The perfect way to indulge the mum and her buddies!

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#4 Colour Me happy

Chuck the obvious blue and pink colour choice for baby showers and experiment with interesting hues. From sunshine yellows or bold jewel tones to cool combos of orange/navy or even mixing up prints and patterns, baby showers do not need to be boring and can showcase creativity at its best. This also works especially well for gender neutral baby showers. Who said only blue is for boys and pink for girls?

You can also honour the mum and play up the theme keeping in mind her hobbies or interests. Is she a movie aficionado? Then theme the event inspired by her favourite movies. Use quirky movie lines and quotes from a film on the invitations. You can print movie posters that are easily available online and place them in photo frames or hang them up around the house. Place a red rug with a director’s chair on it where the mom-to-be can sit. Order in pizza, pop in a movie, and have lots of bowls of popcorn to pass around. You can even get a friend to take paparazzi style shots of the mom and her friends as they enter the baby shower party.

#5 Baby inspired edibles

A fun and cute way to make a baby shower ‘babylicious’ is to serve your guests eatables and drinks in a unique, fun way! You can use glass milk bottles filled with different flavoured smoothies, make sure to tie a bow around these bottles for a super cute look. Why not make cake pops that look like baby rattles? You can find many simple and free recipes on how to make these pops online. Or simply have a dessert buffet in accordance to your theme and let the guests help themselves to some yummy goodies like cupcakes, fairy floss and sweet treats. Writing the menu on a chalkboard or using menu place cards can create a personalised but professional touch.

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#6 Favours with a twist

You can organise some simple and adorable baby shower favours which you can hand out to each guest. Think about the theme of the baby shower and you can add those extra touches by tying in the theme to the favours. . A quirky favour that is super easy to do can be putting popcorn kernels in lolly bags and tying them up with a cutesy label on the front that says Ready to Pop!

For more ideas, inspiration or help with organising your upcoming Baby Shower, visit the End2End Events website.


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