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Laura Peppas

In this weekly street series we pick a hot topic of the week and ask for your thoughts…

Canberra is known for becoming a bit of a “ghost town” on long weekends. Suddenly, coffee shops that are usually packed to the rafters on Saturday mornings only have a handful of people, and you can easily find a park on Lonsdale Street. What gives?

With such close proximity to Sydney and the coast, most locals believe having an extra day is the perfect opportunity to dust off the car and cross the border. But with the glorious spring weather and more events than you can poke a stick at, has the desire to skip town shifted? With one long weekend just behind us, and another coming up, we asked:

“Do you usually leave Canberra on long weekends and if so, what would make you stay?”

Fiona, Ainslie.



“Usually for long weekends we head to the coast, my husband has a house down the coast just past Ulladulla so we’ll often go there; it definitely changes your peace of mind being around the ocean. Definitely I would stay in town for more major events, Canberra has an array of them such as Floriade that I’d stay in town for, so I usually schedule our time away around that. In winter there seems to be less events so we’ll tend to go away more then though.”

Michael, Campbell.



“I always head interstate on long weekends, because my wife likes to see me – she lives in Melbourne. Even if there was something I wanted to stay for here, I couldn’t stay because that means choosing between my wife.”

Enid, City.


“I’m originally from Queensland but my partner lives here now so I’m always here – we tend to stay here for long weekends, because it’s a good way to relax and wind-down.”

Juan, City.



“Lately I’ve been staying in Canberra but if I do have a bit of money I usually will go to Sydney – travelling refreshes my perspective on life.”

Barb, Holt.


“I usually stay because I have family here. There’s so much to do here with the kids; this weekend we’ve got Floriade, as well as some of the markets and galleries.”

Will you be staying in town this long weekend?

Photos by Ashley St George. Slider image: Shutterstock.


Laura Peppas

Laura Peppas is HerCanberra's senior journalist and communications manager and is the Editor of Unveiled, HerCanberra's wedding magazine. She is enjoying uncovering all that Canberra has to offer, meeting some intriguing locals and working with a pretty awesome bunch of women. Laura has lived in Canberra for most of her life and when she's not writing fervently she enjoys pursuing her passion for travel, reading, online shopping and chai tea. More about the Author

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