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Behind the lens: Lauren Campbell

Laura Peppas

A nuclear medicine scientist and a wedding photographer. You couldn’t dream up two more polar opposite professions but somehow, Lauren Campbell manages to combine the two.

During the work week, the 27 year old is busy in the nuclear medicine department at the Canberra Hospital, using radioactive isotopes to diagnose and treat cancers and infections. But come Saturday, she’s behind the lens, ready to capture all the emotions of a wedding day.

“The two seem to balance each other out,” laughs Lauren.

“In my day job I’m mostly dealing with patients which is good because I love helping people, but it does get you down a lot because you see terrible things, so it’s nice to be there are the happier moments of people’s lives.”

A Newcastle girl at heart, Lauren moved to Canberra in 2007 to start her position with the Canberra Hospital.

She says her interest in photography began after her wedding four years ago.

“I had a bad experience with my wedding photos, so I started to get more interested in photography and started to take it a bit more seriously,” she says.

Photo: Lauren Campbell

Photo: Lauren Campbell

After her husband bought her a digital camera, Lauren enrolled in a CIT night course and started snapping casually as a guest at friends’ weddings. When one of her close friends told her she preferred Lauren’s photos over her professional ones, she realised she was “onto something” and started her own website.

Through word of mouth, Lauren’s business grew and she now shoots around 36 weddings annually outside of her job at the hospital. She has also recently worked on editorial shoots, including one for HerCanberra (watch out for it in our June magazine).

In May, one of Lauren’s photos featured on the cover of national wedding magazine, White.

“That was definitely a career highlight,” says Lauren.

“I find weddings good because there’s a lot of structure to them. It can be stressful but I like that fast pace. I don’t like to get people to do things they don’t want to do, I like to blend in like a fly on the wall and capture the natural emotions of the day.”

Luckily, Lauren says she’s never come across any “bridezillas.”

“I think I seem to attract more chilled and easy-going brides, which I’m thankful for,” she says.

Lauren and her husband live in Crace, and she says she hopes to one day take the leap into full time photography.

“It’s something I would love to do on a full time basis one day, I’m always on a bit of a high afterwards,” she says.

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Laura Peppas

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