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From the inside out

Laura Peppas

When it comes to skin, emphasis is often placed on the aesthetic: whether it’s makeup, skin products or hair growth.

Yet your skin can also reveal a lot about what’s inside—from poor gut health to low iron levels—according to skincare expert Cara Ho, who says the skin acts as a “window” to what’s going on in your body.

“Skin is our largest organ, and the most judged yet the most underappreciated when it comes to us actually looking after it from a ‘health’ perspective,” Cara says.

“We live fast-paced lives nowadays, where many of us eat on the run, have increased stress, poor sleep and where the incidence of disease and medications is constantly increasing. Improving our internal health and more so, our gut health, is vital.”

Indeed, gut health has been getting far more airtime than ever before, with experts revealing it can influence everything from mental health to weight control. But how does it affect beauty?

“Gut health is the core for our overall health and wellbeing,” says Cara.

“Most of our hormones are produced in the gut and hormones such as serotonin (feel-good hormone) and melatonin (sleep hormone) are just two of the many hormones affected by stress. Stress causes inflammation in the skin and we can see conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, acne and irritated skin with poor healing.”

So what foods should we be avoiding? Cara advises says that reducing sugary foods, gluten and dairy can help when treating inflammatory skin conditions such as acne, rosacea, eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis and rashes.

For healthy hair, skin and nails, Cara recommends the use of an essential fatty acid on a daily basis.

Skin before a DMK treatment…

“Essential fatty acids (such ascoconut oil, avocado, salmon or a supplement) will assist in healthier, shiny hair that becomes thicker and stronger, while nail growth is accelerated and skin becomes bouncy and thicker to create a healthy glow,” she says.

This focus on treating skin from the inside out is key at Cara’s new consultation room, The Clinic Skin Health, at Barton’s luxury day spa Hale.

The clinic will specialise in a holistic approach, treating the internal cause of skin conditions with dietary advice and bespoke paramedical treatments.

“While I’m about reaching the client’s aesthetic skin goals, I’ll always be approaching things from a skin health perspective,” says Cara.

“My biggest irk about industry practice is that it has all been about resurfacing the skin, over and over again with no focus or client assistance in repairing and rebuilding the skin.

“Quick fix solutions often are just that. The skin will look great initially but when changes are only made at the surface and not from where and why they originate, the skin will only ever return back to how it looked.

Skin after the treatment.

“The skin is symptomatic of what is happening on the inside, and we address the core of the problem with our professional skin revision concept whilst also taking a holistic approach to addressing gut health to work with the internal triggers behind skin conditions.”

Cara says the clinic uses the Regul8 digestive system detox; a three-step program combining the use of pre and probiotics.

“These have a unique patented microencapsulation technology that ensures 100 percent of the beneficial good bacteria are alive and stay alive in the digestive system to cultivate and multiply,” she says.

“As Hippocrates so famously wrote ‘Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food’—you can’t get any truer than that.”

The clinic will also specialise in DMK enzyme treatments, which take a paramedical approach to skincare.

“We are well and truly into an era of age prevention management and clients are wanting results-orientated treatments without long periods of downtime,” says Cara.

“Professional skin revision treatments allow us to achieve long-term results and change that has come from within our own skin.”

the essentials

What: The Clinic Skin Health consultation room
Where: Hale day spa, 10-14 Macquarie Street, Barton
When: Open now, for appointments please call 0421 489 688 or email [email protected]

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