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Bianca Cheah comes to Canberra

Ashleigh Went

Confession: Bianca Cheah is our girl crush.

If you haven’t heard of her, well… we suggest you stalk her on Instagram immediately. She’s the ultimate poster girl for health and wellness: the founder and Managing Director of online wellness destination Sporteluxe.com, a yoga instructor and model – not to mention she’s trained in media, interior design and IT.

We couldn’t be more excited that Bianca is coming to Canberra this weekend to host a Wellness & Wellbeing Masterclass at Eden at the Canberra Centre. She’ll be dishing out all her style, health and wellness secrets.


Safe to say, we won’t be missing a moment. We caught up with Bianca to find out more about the Masterclass, and how she manages to stay positively glowing with health and vitality while constantly on the go.

What inspired you to create Sporteluxe?

I’ve always been into health and fitness and loved reading all the fashion blogs, but I couldn’t find one where there was a wellness fashion angle. So that’s when I set out to create my own blog.

If you could capture your philosophy towards health and wellbeing in just a single sentence, what would it be?

Don’t sweat the small stuff and your health is your greatest wealth.


There’s been a huge trend over the last few years towards health and wellness, particularly in the fashion industry. Do you think it’s something that’s here to stay?

I do, wellness is pretty much a lifestyle now. Everyone has adapted to being more mindful and treating their bodies as a temple, because realistically your health is your greatest wealth and without, you really don’t have much. Most brands are adapting to this new way of life by incorporating wellness into their lines  – whether that’s through launching an active capsule, becoming sustainable and eco-friendly, going organic and bio-dynamic… At the end of the day it’s about being the best version of yourself through the lifestyle you undertake.

What are three things you do everyday to keep your mind and body happy?

Oh goodness, yoga, yoga, yoga. Yoga is like my mum, it pulls me back into line, grounds and calms me, and it makes me see the good in everything. I call it my Yoga goggles! I also eat a very balanced diet and I’m really big on not depriving myself of something that I want to eat. If I want it, I’ll eat it. My grocery trolley usually consists of free range eggs, cans of tuna, fresh fruit and veggies, lots of hard cheeses and lactose free milks as they’re low in lactose, raw almonds, honey, and chicken breast. I do like my Caramel Koalas and sour squirms and love a glass of biodynamic shiraz.

What do you think is the biggest obstacle facing women in becoming their healthiest and happiest selves?

They place too much pressure on themselves and are ‘too busy’. It happens to me every single day, but I always remember that feeling I get when I do a yoga workout, how magical I feel afterwards and during it.

What are you most looking forward to about this weekend’s Masterclass at Eden?

Experiencing the Eden Centre, I’ve heard so much about it and read so much. I can’t wait to see.

Where are your favourite places to shop for health and wellbeing must haves?

Well for food its just the fruit and veggie aisles in my local supermarket. I have a friend who makes his own biodynamic wines called Tractorless wine in Bowral – so good! Otherwise in LA, it’s so hard NOT to be healthy there. There’s Erewhon market in Venice which is ah-mazing. They have a broth bar which I’m at every day grabbing a takeaway chicken broth. Or Butchers Daughter is super delicious and trendy. I’m big on aromatherapy oils. Aveda and Perfect Portion I’m always there buying oils and Nike and Lululemon for my shopping must-haves!

The essentials

What: Wellness and Wellbeing Masterclass with Bianca Cheah
Where: Eden, Level 1, near Country Road, Canberra Centre
When: Saturday 1 October, 10am-11am & 1pm-2pm
Book: Secure your place at these masterclasses at moshtix.com.au


Ashleigh Went

Ashleigh Went has a passion for all things health and wellness. She’s currently furthering her studies in nutrition, but also has a Bachelor of Communication and is a qualified fitness instructor with over five years experience working in a gym. Among other things, she’s a lover of great food, coffee and fashion. She can usually be found shopping for activewear, in the gym or updating her Instagram @wentworthavenue More about the Author

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