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Need a monthly fix? Try a box subscription

Michaella Portelli

“Another beauty of the box subscription is the ability to “gift” it”

Admit it. At one (or multiple) times in your life you have been that person waiting eagerly at the door for the delivery man to arrive.

Once upon a time it was to hear the glorious chimes of your door bell praising the arrival of your monthly fix – your magazine subscription. But times have changed and monthly subscriptions have upped their game. I am talking about the rise of the box subscription.

If you have already caught on to the craze, you understand my delight. If you’re confused as to why I am excited to receive a different cardboard box at my door each month, then let me illuminate you.

Art in the Box

Art in the Box

Put simply, box subscriptions provide you monthly with a themed box of products and vouchers. Products are usually of sample size, though some boxes offer monthly deals providing full size products as a bonus! Along with products come vouchers promoting the products within the box and discounted deals.

From health to beauty, pet stuff to stationary, there are a plethora of companies now offering box subscriptions, each tailored to various interests. Chances are there’s a subscription out there to tickle your fancy.

So what are some of the favourites?

I recommend signing up for a few single box subscriptions from different companies to get an idea of what company suits your interests best!

GoodnessMe Box: My personal fave, for all the health nuts out there.

Bella Box: Women’s, Men’s and Baby boxes filled with new, exciting beauty products.

Wantable Accessories + Intimates Box: Provides you with handpicked accessories and clothing items based on your personality.

Nerd Block: For all your nerdy apparel, toys, and collectables!

Art in a Box: Offers amazing original works of art for a pop of colour and creativity in your month!

The Soap Box: It’s all in the name

One of the great things about box subscriptions is that they can be personalised.

Some companies ask you to complete a survey on signing up so that they can determine your personal interests and tastes, ensuring you only receive what you will use!

Keep in mind though, some companies only provide set boxes (no personalisation).


Just like magazine subscriptions, box subscriptions vary in price. Prices ranging from $15/box for a beauty bundle from Bellabox to $50/box for designer fashion pieces from Wantable.

Prices usually vary depending on how “luxe” the products are, though from experience I can tell you that I get just as much quality and pleasure from the $15 box as I do the $50.

Nerd Block boxes

Nerd Block boxes


Another beauty of the box subscription is the ability to “gift” it. Either sending a one off, customised box to someone special as a gift or subscribing them down for a few months.

On top off this many companies provide one off seasonal boxes, be it for Christmas, Valentine’s Day or Easter! These boxes are full of relevant goodies and are a simple yet oh-so trendy gift for when your running low on time and imagination!

So be it as a resort for when you are next struggling for gift inspiration, a little treat for yourself or that essential monthly fix, the box subscription can tick a lot of boxes. Personalised to individual interests, ordered with the touch of a button, what are you waiting for?

Jump online, order a box and go wait eagerly behind the door for the chime of your bell.

Subscriptions can usually be purchased for 1, 3, 6 or 12 months, but make sure you check out the details because some subscriptions only supply boxes quarterly.


Michaella Portelli

Michaella has a love for all things health, fitness, fashion and Canberra. Currently studying a Bachelor of Human Nutrition at the University of Canberra, she loves sharing her passion through mediums like her growing social media account @herpurelife. In conjunction with her studies in nutrition, she also teaches Les Mills Bodybalance which she feels is an awesome way to inspire and connect with other people. Born and raised in Canberra, Michaella is always looking for new things to do, new ways to connect and exciting events going on. More about the Author

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