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boyandgirlco: 11,000 pallets and counting

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Once upon a time there was a boy and a girl.

They opened a small business in a small garage making planter boxes and a few pieces of basic, humble furniture out of recycled raw timber pallets.

Today boyandgirlco operate out of a massive warehouse and showroom. And they’ve saved more than 11,000 pallets from heading to landfill. To put this into perspective, that equals a total height of four Empire State buildings or a combined weight of more than 100 African bush elephants.

Carlo and Anita

Carlo and Anita

It’s no wonder they’ve just won a major award at Actsmart’s Business Sustainability Awards for their dedication to the environment.

boyandgirlco’s furniture range now features 29 standards items, including tables, buffets and bedroom furniture. The business also regularly handles custom orders, working with clients to transform what they imagine into reality.

Owners Carlo and Anita Krikowa also operate a furniture hire business, with their tables, chairs and other pieces being used at events such as The Forage and the Multicultural Fringe Festival. They also handle commercial fit outs, which have included The Courtyard, a new café in the city, and Eight Stems, a new florist at the Kingston Foreshore. Their work is also spotted in restaurants, hotels and retail environments, including a work in progress at the Griffith IGA.


But perhaps the new line that is really ramping up Carlo and Anita’s passion is their workshops.

“It’s amazing what a pallet can become,” says Carlo. “We’re dedicated to a sustainable lifestyle and want to share with others what this means. We believe that it includes learning how to build things for yourself out of recycled materials, especially some of the furniture you live with every day.”

Currently, boyandgirlco runs a basic workshop, teaching the ABCs of building techniques. “It’s a great introductory session for those who want to start building their own pallet furniture,” says Carlo. “We teach our unique furniture building system.”


Another workshop covers how to build a planter box, one of the first items the business produced and one of the most popular items sold to this day. The third involves advanced skills and focuses on how to build boyandgirlco’s hot-selling Osprey Table.

“We want people to think about reusing, recycling and thinking every day about how to live a more sustainable life,” says Anita. “It’s so sensible and satisfying.”

The Actsmart Business Sustainability Awards were held 25 May. A record 62 nominations were submitted for the 10 awards, ranging from waste minimisation to innovation to leadership. Businesses across the region were recognised for their commitment to making a change for a more sustainable future.


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