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Her Interior: Adam Hobill and Tina Mizgalski

Rachel Marsh

When I found out that I was going to visit Adam Hobill and Tina Mizgalski’s home, I have to confess I was a little excited. Adam is one of Canberra’s leading building designers, so I knew their home was going to be special.

From the moment I pulled up into the drive way, I was impressed. The external facade of the home has a combination of weathered timber and muted bricks, allowing the colour palette to tie in perfectly with the surroundings, as if it was always a part of the landscape.


Tucked away down the walkway is a bright green front door, which I found out a little later is Tina’s favourite colour.


As you would expect in an architecturally designed home, the internal finishes and detailing are superb. There is a strong sense of texture, which is made evident through clever use of natural materials. From the concrete floors to the timber accents, the home feels warm and inviting. Tina has also brought that bright green into the kitchen and on the internal staircase, creating a visual link to the exterior.


Sitting down with Adam and Tina, I got to hear a little more about the journey from concept to completion of their dream home.

Adam and Tina both knew that they wanted to create something that would continue to grow with them as their family grew. At the time their young family was expanding, so they wanted to make sure that the home would be functional as well as aesthetically pleasing.

By combining strong architectural details, and a clever layout, they have created a functional home that has a relaxed feel. At times I felt like I was on holidays, as it had an almost luxurious resort feel about it.

The family room, which flows off the kitchen, works as the hub of the home, where everyone congregates after a long day. The glass corner window allows light to flood the space all year around. Two retro chairs that sit in front of the window used to belong to Adam’s grandfather, and add much to the space.


One of the details that really impressed me was the sliding panel that sits alongside the fireplace in the family room. The large panel was a piece both Adam and Tina collaborated on. Tina has always disliked how the television often can be a main focus in a living space, and wanted to create something that would allow her to close it off from view, when not in use. This smart piece of joinery slides over the bookcase to view the television, and slides back the other way to conceal it.

The timber used on the sliding panel is then repeated on the ceiling in the family room. The clever recess helps tie the two elements together, making the space feel well formed.


Another interesting detail is the plastered panel on the ceiling that links from the fireplace over to the kitchen island. This links the two spaces effortlessly, and doubles as a striking feature in the open plan space.

Adam and Tina’s entire house has been designed with purpose, with a focus on functionality and detail, and this is apparent everywhere you look.

Adam has a passion for architecture and understands that building your own home can be a bit hard if you don’t understand the process. It is for this reason that he has written his own book, entitled ‘Nail It!’, outlining some of the do’s and don’ts of the building process. Have a read of it if you’re looking at building or even just interested in learning a little more about how to design your dream home.

Rachel Marsh

Originally a Wollongong girl, Rachel Marsh the interior designer behind Inspired Interiors moved to Canberra in 2013 and has now made it her home. She loves nothing more than assisting her clients in creating spaces that are warm and inviting. Always keeping in mind that each client is different and every home should be a reflection of those who live in it. Email her at [email protected] More about the Author

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