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Her Interiors: Sam and Nick Behr

Nicola Smith

Not often do I venture to our newer suburbs, but this home was a little gem on a street lined with young trees and construction going on all around…

Nick and Sam’s new home in Casey has beautiful outdoor living spaces, with play equipment and veggie gardens all constructed by Nick. An experienced landscaper, Nick has been designing and constructing gardens in Canberra for 20 years. The garden boasts beautifully potted succulents, soft hedges of Acacia Cognata (Mini Cog) and garden structures made from old farm gear. There is a gorgeous outdoor setting with a lush vertical garden covering the wall behind, all made by Nick.




The coffee table is one of Nick’s latest pieces. His new business venture, Bare Furniture, launched last year and his collection boasts furniture mostly made from timber and metal with an industrial feel using raw and natural finishes. I love that he reuses pieces of timber and building materials to create his furniture.



We move inside and sit around his latest prototype, a beautiful table I imagine in my own living room. There are eye-catching vignettes in nearly every corner. Sideboards with photo frames, art, curiosities and lamps. A cleverly decorated home that would suit a family with small children.

Robust furniture pieces, practical placement with a sense of flow and beautiful things on harder to reach bench tops and shelves. Several art works by Sam’s good friend Kurt Fountain hang on walls.






Sam has recently made shift in her career also, from a successful graphic designer to health coach with a new business, Healthy Mumma Movement. Her business concept is all about empowering women, especially mothers, to eat well and encourage healthy eating in their children. Her approach is holistic, it’s about changing the way families eat together, exploring food and taste. Sam tells me more about her business and as I look around their home, I realise they are part of the movement already, and it’s all good!

Sam has always suffered from migraines and wanted to find a way to heal herself. She found changing her eating habits made her feel great and the headaches went away. Nick and Sam’s daughter Eden was diagnosed with Autism and their journey has reinforced that good food can make a difference. Sam noticed that Eden’s diet played an important role in her well-being.

Sam is passionate about sharing her knowledge. She wants to change the world one family at a time. Her clients are mostly working mothers who juggle family and careers, who don’t plan meals, who are time poor, and who look for easy eating solutions especially for kids.





This busy couple has transformed the living room at the front of the house into their office. It’s a creative space, divided by IKEA Expedit shelving filled with books on design, gardening, health and well-being. There are hand-drawn garden plans on Nick’s desk, and on Sam’s desk are brochures advertising her latest project – an event to raise money for Autism ACT. Sam has created a event to raise funds and she will be scootering around Lake Burley Griffin for 24 hours 10-11 April. Support the cause by visiting–walk-for-autism.

Nicola Smith

Nicola Smith is the creative force behind YOLK on the inside, a Canberra business specialising in residential design. She has a passion for authentic design furniture and architectural history and her design mantra is all about reusing, recycling and sourcing local products and services where possible. When she's not helping to make beautiful homes, you'll find her putting her hand up for far too many volunteer projects than her time allows, and spending time with her family. More about the Author

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